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In your home, one of the main items that you want to last for a long time is the flooring. Quality flooring does not have to cost the earth and as it is an investment for your home it is understandable that you want to get the best flooring for your money.

Quality Flooring from Adamms

Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields has been selling quality flooring at unbeatable prices to North East householders for over 30 years. Adamms keeps in stock a huge amount of flooring including carpets, vinyl, lino, hardwood and laminate flooring options, you will find what you need at the best price at Adamms!

Here are our top tips for getting the flooring you want at a price you can afford:

  1. Choose Wisely! If you are looking for new floor coverings for your home and you want it to be affordable and last a long time, then choosing appropriate flooring for your home is important. If you have lots of pets or children then hardwearing quality flooring that can be cleaned is a top priority, then you won’t have to replace it when there is a stain. Look for stain repelling carpets or laminate that can be wiped clean easily.
  2. Be Flexible. When it comes to interior design you may see something in a magazine or on Instagram that you absolutely have to have, but it seems out of your price range. It is often the case that a cheaper similar alternative can be sourced so have an open mind and don’t get stuck on one brand or one particular shade of green as you may find better quality, and cheaper alternatives if you move your shade a fraction which in the end makes no difference to your overall scheme. Also, it may be cheaper and easier to change a shade of paint than re-carpet a whole room.
  3. Offcuts are your friend – You may think that offcuts are only for tiny rooms, no so. Adamms stocks a huge range of carpets sourced as offcuts from larger jobs, and so can fit many a modern room size. These carpets are often excellent quality wool carpets that were overbought for a job and now are on sale at Adamms Carpet Warehouse for you to discover. You can’t request a colour, but these carpets often come in quite neutral tones so they are easily used in any room.
  4. Designer Carpets for Less – If you have a specific carpet in mind, perhaps you have your heart set on a particular Axminster design or a modern Alternative Flooring carpet, then getting a quote from Adamms is the cheapest way to get those designer carpets for your home. Able to order from any manufacturer Adamms can get the carpet direct and save you time and money.
  5. Go Faux – Hardwood and laminates are great and look lovely, but did you know modern vinyl flooring can replicate real wood and even real wood patterns like parquet. Often you can get the look of hardwood, or even stone at a fraction of the price if you choose a faux vinyl pattern instead.

Adamms has been sourcing, supplying and fitting flooring in North East homes for over 30 years, pop into the warehouse today and choose quality carpets at the best prices today.