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The most worn part of your home will always be the flooring, with the highest toll taken on the stairs, with or without a carpet attached; this is where a carpet underlay will come in very handy.

What is underlay?

An underlay is helpful for any new carpet and its recommended you have them both fitted at the same time to save any hassle later on, but what are those benefits?  Underlays help you maintain the quality of your carpet longer as well as giving it a fuller more luxurious feel.  The density of the underlay too can help with those high traffic areas as the extra layer will delay the carpet fraying and becoming thread bear.  The added insulation can help as well if your home as a lot of concrete below the carpet, the layer of insulation the underlay provides will make walking barefoot a much better experience.

A good quality underlay has great benefits underneath any carpet in your home, but it can make an even bigger difference when underneath the carpet on your stairs.  But choosing one can be as complex as buying the carpet it’s for.

There are many types of carpet underlay to choose from, but they can be stripped down to a few main options really:

PU Foam

Polyurethane foam, otherwise known as PU Foam underlay, can have great compression recovery from the footsteps on it and a luxurious degree of comfort.  It’s also easy to fit which will help for those more awkward fittings on the stairs.  It has become the most used underlay type in Europe, its difficult to beat.

PU Underlay

Polyurethane foam as well but moulded differently, this type can be kinder to the environment as well as light for easy transporting without sacrificing comfort.

Very High Density

A 9mm thick carpet underlay made foam ambience, high density is a great choice for a minimalist underlay, one designed to handle the hardest placements in your home.  Easy to handle and light it can cut easily without sacrificing the thermal insulation.

Sponge Rubber

An underlay made of Sponge rubber can work in tandem with any under floor heating system that you might have in your home.  With outstanding noise suppression and a decent Tog count it’s a choice worth considering.

If you want to get started before your fitter arrives there are some things you can do to prepare your stairs for a carpet fitting.  First of all, remove any old carpet pieces and any underlay underneath, you have to be careful of any other things sticking in the stairs as well, nails or tacks or anything really that could get in the way.  This is a great opportunity to give your raw stairs a quick go over.

Here at Adamms Carpets we carry a huge range of options appropriate for any carpet we sell.  Whatever underlay you need for whatever flooring we can supply it for you.  With our 31 years of experience fitting carpets we are happy to help you in any way.