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A home will sometimes need some changes once a baby has become a toddler. One often overlooked aspect of this is the flooring of your home.

Some questions you may ask yourself are:

  • Is it what you’re going for aesthetically?
  • Is it still practical in a home housing a family?
  • Is it safe for all those stumbles and falls?

We’ve considered these concerns here and have some great flooring ideas for toddlers:

Its also important to note that you don’t need to decide on one floor for the entire house, different rooms have different needs so if you can tailor your flooring to suit the requirements of each of those rooms.

Bathroom, Kitchen & Dining Room Flooring

When deciding the flooring for these rooms its important to remember the potential for accidents.  Anything could happen from a spilled cup at the dinner table, some dropped food in the kitchen or an over excited bath time. None of these rooms are safe from a toddler so you may want to choose a flooring that will be easy to clean but is also protected from stains and liquids, two you can choose from are Vinyl flooring and Wood flooring.

Vinyl flooring has several benefits for these rooms. They can be cleaned very quickly, and staining is not an issue, they come is a vast range of designs so there is no need to sacrifice the look of your home. You can even enhance your vinyl with an underlay, which is a thin layer of cushioning that adds comfort and reduces wear to the flooring.

Wood floors can also look spectacular in these rooms, but they require maintenance.  A wooden floor is something you may wish to avoid until your family has grown up a bit as the required treatment of the floor, the negative effect liquids can have on it and its hard surface may prove to be more trouble than its worth when raising your toddler.

The Bedrooms, Living rooms and Play rooms.

For these rooms there are other considerations, remember you don’t need to have the same flooring everywhere, your free to mix and match to suit your individual family’s needs.

So, what do toddlers need from these rooms?  They need the safety to be free, to play and fall about without the fear of hurting themselves but also it needs to be a warm and welcome environment.

Carpets are a classic for these rooms, they are soft and well insulated (dependant on the type) to protect from all those stumbles and falls.  When choosing your type there are several directions you can go.  Wool is best if you can afford it, it’s the warmest, the softest and the safest, you can’t go wrong with a wool carpet.  You can also go with a synthetic carpet; a Polypropylene carpet can be bleach cleaned making it easier than a normal carpet.  They can also come in a range of colours for either a stimulating environment or you could go for something darker to make hiding those stains a little easier.

So, in conclusion you may have more options than you’ve considered, take some time to look at what each room needs to be for your family.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match to get the most out of your home, giving you time to focus on your time with your toddler.