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Sheet vinyl is not only one of the most cost-effective ways to install flooring in your home, it can also be one of the most stylish. Modern vinyl flooring is simply stunning with printing techniques able to create stunning patterns and real wood and stone effects never seen before.

Sheet Vinyl is Practical

Always a popular flooring choice due to its great pricing and total versatility, sheet vinyl is a great choice for any room in the home but is most used in kitchens and bathrooms. More recently kids playrooms, kids bedrooms and hallways have also been using sheet vinyl to make a real statement in the home.

Easy to fit, sheet vinyl should be on your radar if you are looking at new flooring for your home, here we answer some of the most common sheet vinyl questions:

Is Sheet Vinyl Different to Lino (Linoleum)?

Sheet vinyl and lino are terms that have been used interchangeably as the same thing over the years, but they are in fact two different products. While similar in nature (hence the confusion) sheet vinyl is made from synthetic materials whereas Lino is an all-natural product. Lino tends to be more hardwearing, is waterproof and probably need a professional installer to fit properly, sheet vinyl is often fitted by keen DIYers and is treated to be water resistant.

How Much is Sheet Vinyl?

As one of the most affordable flooring options you can find, sheet vinyl can be a very cheap way to cover a large area or inject some personality into a room if you want a quick revamp on a limited budget. It is a synthetic flooring and is mass manufactured which is why it is one of the cheapest flooring options available. Adamms stocks sheet cushioned vinyl from as little as £8.99, and offcuts are often available at unbelievable prices!

How to Fit Sheet Vinyl Flooring

The first step to fitting sheet vinyl in your home is to measure the space you want to cover, or as the team at Adamms to come and measure for you, then choose the sheet vinyl you want. Sheet vinyl is then cut from the roll (so double check your measurements) make sure you add around 10mm to your measurements to allow for shrinkage while your vinyl acclimatises. You can then choose to ‘loose lay’ the vinyl or use adhesive to keep the floor down. While loose laying the vinyl is quick and easy, it does mean that the flooring can lift or shift over time, and this is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Do You Need Underlay with Sheet Vinyl?

If the sub floor you are fitting the sheet vinyl flooring to is level and smooth, then you don’t need to include underlay with your sheet vinyl flooring. However, having an underlay will make your floor feel better underfoot and if the sub floor is uneven then an underlay can smooth out any issues before you lay the sheet vinyl.

Sheet vinyl is a great choice for any room in any home, affordable and comes in a huge range of colours and styles, there will be a style you love and Adamms as the sheet vinyl at the prices you will want to pay!