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If there’s one place in the house that showcases the benefits of carpet perfectly, it’s the hallway and stairs. These spaces feature in every home in some way and can be something of a problem – especially if you have someone heavy on their feet in the house!

There are also some great ways to use carpet in the hallway to give it personality and character.  If you need advice for measuring or fitting your hallways carpet, or you want the best price on the carpet you want talk to the experienced team at Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields.

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Why carpet is perfect for hallways

Let’s be honest, the hallway isn’t the most exciting room in the house.  It is all about function, moving you from one room to another or to the staircase to head to another level.  But this doesn’t need to be the case because there are ways to spruce up the hallway and make it more interesting.  One of them is with carpet.

Plus there’s the functional benefits of carpet in hallways.  As you walk around the house and go up and down the stairs, there’s natural noise.  With wood or laminate flooring, this noise can seem a lot louder.  But carpets act to cushion those footsteps and cut down the noise.

Finally, hallways are often the coldest part of the house.  Even when there’s heating, the heat often rises up the stairs, leaving them feeling chilly.  But carpet on the floor can help to combat this and make them feel warmer.

How to use carpet in the hallway

The hallway is one of the rooms in the house where you can go a little nuts with the style of carpet you choose.  That means patterns!  Whereas a patterned carpet might look overwhelming in the living room, it works perfectly as a runner up the stairs or covering a stretch of straight hallway.

You can also combine carpet styles on the stairs and hallway.  Normally, rooms that run into one another should have similar or the same carpeting to avoid them looking a little odd.  But with stairs and a hallway, you can use different styles on the different parts and it works just great.

Mixing carpet with flooring is even an option in the hallway.  If you are worried about muddy feet, add easy to wash laminate in the hallway near the front door.  Then use a coordinating carpet up the stairs and for any hallways at the top.  You get the benefits of both flooring types and can create a unique and interesting look.

What’s the best hallway carpet?

Deciding on the look of the carpet is one thing but what about the best material for hallway carpets?

Because it is a high traffic area, it is often a good move to go for tougher carpet than you would in a bedroom.  Wool and nylon mixes are a great option that retain their shape well but have a toughness from the manmade material that makes them more resistant to wear.

Twist pile carpets also work well for hallways and stairs.  They don’t flatten easily as they are walked on and you can use a carpet cleaner to restore their appearance if they do get a little muddy.