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Christmas is the time of the year that the guest room is most likely to be called into action.  But it is often a case that it can be left for long periods between visitors with little or no use.  That means you need to think now about getting it ready for those potential holiday visitors.  Here’s some tips to help you.

Prepare the room

The first stage is to check the room is ready for guests.  Cleaning everything and sorting out anything that has sneaked into the room but is not needed is the first place to start.  Then give the room a once over to see if any decorating or upgrades are needed.

This can be an ideal time to take a look at the flooring of the room.  You don’t want to be trying to relay carpet or add new flooring just before your guests arrive.  But if the flooring isn’t looking its part, then you want to do this before you do anything else to get the room ready for Christmas.

Once the new flooring is in place, you can touch up the decorating if needed and then get all the furniture back in place.  If there is anything new you need, you can pick it up and get it into place in the room.  Then it is ready to start making it Christmas-ready.

Decorating for Christmas

Replacing the flooring, upgrading the furniture and generally tidying up the room is an important step for any time people are coming to visit.  But then there are things you want to do particularly because it’s Christmas and you want to celebrate the holidays.

Don’t go too mad with decorations

While it is tempting to go a little mad with the decorations in the guest room, try to resist, even if children are coming to stay.

You definitely can put a Christmas tree in the room if you want but try to keep it to a small one.  A desktop-style that could sit on a chest of drawers is an excellent example.  Anything too big and the room will seem cluttered and small which can make some people really uncomfortable.

Go with traditional colours

If you are not sure what theme to use for decorating the guest room, go with something simple and traditional.  Red and white always work well and you can introduce green in the form of a Christmas tree.  This works well if you have a neutral style guest room.

Add some fairy lights

If there is not room for a Christmas tree, then you can add some fairy lights to give the room a Christmas vibe.  Just make sure the guests can easily turn them off when they go to bed or you could have tired and bad-tempered guests!

Little touches

Even in the smallest guest room, you can use little touches to make it more Christmas themed.  Garlands on the wall or holiday style candle sets in the window all add that seasonal feel and can work in even the smallest guest room.