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If there is one thing you can be sure when you have kids, it will be that your floors will get in a mess!  Whether it is spilt juice while playing on the floor to muddy feet after playing in the garden, flooring can take a lot of abuse from the little family members.  So how do you choose kid friendly flooring that will withstand the demands?

Choosing flooring by the room

The best approach with flooring applies whether you have kids or not – choose the flooring for the room and what it is used for. For example, in kitchens, something like linoleum or vinyl carpet can be perfect.  It is waterproof and easy to mop as well as being stain resistant.  It is quick to install and easy to replace if there are any problems.

In kids’ bedrooms, you will probably want something softer and easier on those feet and knees when playing on the floor.  Not only that but carpet helps to reduce noise when someone has a bit of a crying session!  The carpet will help to reduce the noise while something like a wood floor can accent it.

For somewhere like the living room, laminate flooring can be perfect.  You can add a rug or two in the areas that kids play and easily mop up any spills or accidents.  It looks stylish and modern and stops any dust or debris hiding in fibres and causing irritations.

Choosing the best carpet

Don’t think that because you have young kids, carpet is a no-go area.  In fact, there are loads of types of carpet that are perfect for homes with kids, pets, or even just messy habits.  The key is to understand fibre types and how to get the right ones.

When looking at carpets, those plush and long pile styles made from real wool look luxurious and feel great on your feet.  But they are not always ideal if you have kids as they can hold a lot of dust and debris in those strands. Instead, look at materials like nylon.  This is a man-made fibre that looks great and is very tough and hard wearing.  It is also long lasting, so you get a good priced carpet that naturally has a long lifespan.

Also, consider how easy it is to clean the carpet.  When you buy it, ask the carpet supplier a few questions about the material and what kind of cleaning products you can use on it.  This will give you an idea of how to handle it if there was a big spill or a nasty stain.

Choosing the best laminate

While real wood flooring is gorgeous, laminate is your friend when you have kids.  Look for waterproof styles as these will have a natural resistance to all kinds of moisture.  Also, look for easy to install styles.  That way if there is more serious damage, it is easy to remove the damaged boards and replace them without the need for relaying the entire floor.

Whatever age your children are you need to choose flooring that will last as long as possible while they grow, for the best advice, options and pricing on flooring for your home visit Adamms Carpets in North Shields.