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With the winter months seemingly increasing in length with each year that passes by we are spending more and more time in our homes, so when spring finally arrives its best to seize the opportunity and breath new life into your home!

The time you spend in home during winter is for the best during all the bad weather that ensues, and of course Christmas is a highlight but prolonged time indoors can make your home feel stuffy and cramped and perhaps even unpleasant after several months.  So when spring arrives and the weather clears this is the time to take a look at your home, look at how you live in it, its décor and you can bring new life into it by giving yourself a fresh new living space, one to enjoy all over again for the rest of the year!

Covers / Throws / Wall Decorations

Covers and throws are a great temporary way of changing a room.  It can be surprising how refreshing a new bit of colour can be when added to a room that seems drab and lifeless.  They allow you to be more carefree with your approach to decorating, usually redecorating a room can involve a fair bit of planning and preparations but throws and covers can be picked up at any homewares store and impulsively added to try new things.

Wall decorations are a similar principle as the covers except they can be essential at improving a blandly painted wall.

Plant life

A seasonal inspiration is to bring literal life into your home in the form of Plantlife.   There are two choices though with this by either adding real plants, flowers to your home with internal pots or if you have any issues with Hayfever you could instead get plastic flowers to have the aesthetic qualities without the maintenance requirements of real plants.  With so many styles of house plant available, and with spring being a time of new life bringing a plant indoors can even help purify the rooms air as long as they are looked after.


For a more extensive change this spring, a new coat of paint can make a world of difference to a room that has gotten a bit drab.  Even if all you wish is to refresh the colour that is already on the wall and patch up any marks or fading.  But if your feeling bold you could try a new colour, a seasonal bright colour that would enhance your home, some colours work better than others.  Dark or desaturated colours work well during those winter months but now you’re in spring you want bright full colours, warm oranges or soft reds, the best may be a nice pleasing yellow!


The Flooring you have can make a huge difference to a room, but whether to repair or change it is a big choice to make and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  The choices are varied and also dependant on the room itself but there are some specifics immediately.  Warm carpets with thick fibres can be a good addition, but for those summer months a bright colour is best, and vinyl’s and laminates are good choices also.

Spring Flooring Sale

If you are looking for a Spring update to your home, start with the floors and get the best prices on what you choose from Adamms’ Carpets in North Shields