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In these difficult and stressful times, we are all seeking ways to bring calm into our homes.  One of the ways to do this is to use nature and organic elements in your room to bring that sense of peace and open spaces to every part of the home.  So how do you go about doing this?

Accent natural brick

While brick might not be a natural material, it is made from them and has that outdoor feel to it.  One of the simplest ways to bring natural looks into a room is to clean up and accent the brickwork.

This is particularly true in older properties where bricks were made with a mixture of mud and clay with water and fired at hot temperatures to seal everything.  This makes for organic feeling elements that aren’t all uniform and perfect.

Polish your wood or add wood floors

If you have good quality floorboards, then polishing and varnishing them and using them as your flooring is a great natural touch.  This will bring the warmth of the wood into the room and there’s nothing more natural than it.

If your floorboards aren’t up for it or you have concrete floors, then real wood flooring is the perfect answer.  This comes in a variety of wood types that are suitable for most rooms in the house and offer that same warmth and natural feel.

Add some wooden furniture

If you have pets or young children, wood floors might not be ideal so a better option may be something like carpet or laminate flooring.  So, another way to bring the warmth of wood into the room is with wooden furniture.

From coffee tables to sideboards to bespoke wooden rocking chairs, there are loads of ways to use wood furniture in the room while still having comfortable sofas and chairs to sit on.

Use real potted plants

The easiest way to bring a natural feel to your home is to use potted plants.  These come in so many different types and colours and not all are hard to look after and prone to dying.  But all add that natural feel to the room.

If you struggle with pollen, something like a succulent or cactus could be ideal.  Or even just regularly add a bouquet of flowers.  It doesn’t need to be complicated, but it will instantly add colour to the room.

Let sunlight into a room

It is easy to forget that sunlight is a natural thing that boosts our mood and makes us feel good.  So when designing rooms, think about ways to let the sunlight in as much as possible.  That might mean adding sheer curtains to windows or blinds that can be moved aside during the day.

It could even be looking at adding things like skylights into rooms without windows.  Or if there’s no natural angle for sunlight, roof windows can help bring extra light in without having to try and clear wall space to add windows there.  You can even use solar tubes to bring sunlight into rooms without the option for windows such as on-suite bathrooms.