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With so many of us working from home at the moment, it is no wonder we are looking at our home office and wanting to spruce it up a little and flooring is a great place to start when you are decorating your home office.

Choosing the flooring for a home office is a little different from other parts of the house.  In your living room or bedroom, for example, you’ll look at the decor, what you enjoy on the floor, maybe what will clean easily.  But with a home office, the primary concerns can be a little different because it is a working space. Adamms Carpets in North Shields has been supplying great flooring at the right price to North Tyneside homes for over 30 years so pop in for advice for your own home office.

Here are our top tips on how to choose flooring for a home office.

What’s happening in the room?

First, take a moment to assess the room and what you will be doing in it.  Let’s say you have a desk and desk chair.  Then you need flooring that means it is easy to move around with the chair.

Will the office get a lot of foot traffic?  Are people passing through it to get to other areas of the house?  Or is it pretty self-contained and off by itself?

Finally, your work activities could play a part.  If you do a lot of video calls, you might want to soften the acoustics of the room a little so it doesn’t sound tinny or empty.  If you have a job that involves making something, then you want something that can cope with spills and accidents.

Top options for home office flooring

With these considerations in mind, you are ready to look at the options for home office flooring.  While these are much the same as for other rooms, you need to filter it through those office considerations.

Carpet – There are lots of types of carpet that work particularly well in home offices.  These have a denser pile and tougher materials that those chosen for living rooms or bedrooms and can withstand the motion of an office chair.  They also help soften the acoustics of the room and make it a little warmer.

Timber flooringTimber flooring boasts the most authentic look for good reason – it is made from real timber of different types.  That means a natural grain and variations of colour that give it a unique personality.  So if meeting clients is part of your job, this kind of flooring has the looks for it.  You may need some kind of floor protector for where a desk chair operates to stop it scratching the surface.

Laminate flooring – Another popular option is laminate flooring.  It has the look of timber flooring but is tougher because the boards are finished with protective layers.  This means you can easily whizz around in your office chair without damaging it and it can cope with spills or accidents easily.

Using floor protectors

Whatever type of flooring you opt for, it never hurts to use floor protectors to extend its lifespan.  These can include rugs and special clear plastic covers that sit on top of the flooring and under a desk chair.  If you don’t use a desk chair on wheels, then you might not need one of these.

Whatever you choose, go for a style that is easy to work with and feels comfortable.  Also, look at something that can withstand changes in decor and even the use of the room to get maximum lifespan.