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When turning a house into a home a lot of people find that the kitchen can become the centre of their home.  There are many factors you have to consider when developing the kitchen space, considerations like how to get the most out of your storage, do you want to include an Island unit and how easy is it going to be to clean for hygiene but the most vital is the flooring for that kitchen.  Flooring your kitchen is a big decision, one that can feel permanent once all the appliances are installed, so how do you integrate your newly purchased extension into the existing kitchen?

If not considered beforehand upgrading your kitchen with an extension can have a negative result.  An extension can be a fantastic addition to a kitchen and the home in general adding light and life to a very functional room.  Even just adding at least 1 meter to the room can instantly give it a larger presence and open the room up to a wide family area suitable for dining as well as cooking.

Adding to your kitchen? Or starting fresh?

One thing that should be considered when planning your extension is the opportunity it presents for your home. One approach is to add to the existing room, to look at your kitchen and continue it into the extension with a similar flooring, colouring and other furniture items and decorations.

Another approach is bolder.  Now is the time you could take a hard look at your kitchen flooring and decide if its still what you want, if not then turn your extension addition into a full kitchen refit with a fresh new flooring.

Which floorings are there to choose from?

There are many flooring options for an extension on your home but when extending a kitchen, you need to take certain things into account.

Carpet is not recommended, considering the proximity to your kitchen and the various spills that will inevitably happen, where as Vinyl can be easy to clean, warm and comes in a large range of designs to get exactly what you want.

Hardwood flooring is the most expensive and beautiful option, but it is a ‘you get what you pay for’ situation.  The advantages of going with hardwood are the durability of that floor, particularly when treated with a Polyurethane finish to make for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Laminate flooring is a good compromise for a kitchen extension, It can give you a real plank effect for your kitchen It’s a fraction of the cost of hardwood and still durable enough for the activity inherent to a family kitchen but if one is damaged then it will be replaced, unless you invest in a high quality one with scratch resistant coating.

So, whether your adding to an existing kitchen or redoing the kitchen floor too just keep in mind what your goal is.  Does the extension have large window panels? Bringing a lot of light to that floor would make the colour choice of your flooring important.  Do you love your existing kitchen floor and want to simply extend it then you’ll need to get similar flooring to match it up with your extension and avoid a separating line.

If you want to discuss this in person swing by our flooring warehouse in North Shields by Newcastle and we can talk about your options.