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There’s no doubt that shades like neutrals and soft greys are easy to work with and timeless.  You don’t have to worry about them no longer being on-trend and your room looking dated.  Another great thing about them is how easy it is to add some colour as an accent and make the room bright and beautiful.  Here are some tips on using colour in your rooms.

The accent wall

The classic way to bring another colour into the room is with the accent wall.  This is usually the focal wall of the room such as behind the fireplace or behind the bed.  You choose a stronger, bolder colour that complements your scheme and paint it in this shade.  Or you can choose a strong patterned wallpaper and add it to the wall.  It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to brighten a room.

Use colourful accessories

If a full wall in a bold colour is a little too much for you, that’s okay, there are still loads of ways to bring in that extra shade.  For example, you could use wall stickers in family rooms with fun geometric shapes on an area of the wall to introduce other shades.

Even smaller accessories can work such as a trio of vases on the mantelpiece, colourful photo frames or even cushions on the sofa.  Choose one colour and try to get a couple of accessories in the shade or close to it to create a pop of colour.

Statement furniture

Furniture used to be a bit limited in the kinds of colours you could get but no more.  Now you can get sofas, chairs and even dining sets in all kinds of colours.  And this has led to statement furniture – where one piece of furniture is the bright, colourful spot in the room.

Rather than having a feature wall, you could have a statement sofa that is the largest piece of furniture in the room.  Your bedding could do a similar job in the bedroom, transforming the bed into something bright and beautiful.  Even colourful storage units or coffee tables can add something different to a space.

Colourful flooring

Rather than a feature wall, you can have a feature floor and have the most colour beneath your feet.  Like furniture, carpets and flooring come in all kinds of shades and effects now so it is much easier to create a statement with the flooring you choose.

Examples include bright single coloured luxury vinyl tiles and carpets with all kinds of modern patterns on them.  You can even take a simple style of wood flooring and add a colourful or patterned rug on top to add a feature to the space.

Add potted plants

If you are a big fan of natural approaches, then the best accent to add to a room is a potted plant.  Choose one that is suitable for the room you are adding it to and is easy to look after if you aren’t the most green-fingered.  Remember that plants don’t just add green accents to a room – look at the colour of the flowers too!