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While home is where the heart is, there’s nothing like a calming, peaceful nights’ sleep in a beautiful hotel room. Many people wish to evoke the serenity of a hotel room in their own home, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are a few ways you can create that hotel-calm in your own bedroom.

Don’t be Afraid of Bold Fabrics and Patterns

You don’t have to go for neutral colours and crisp white sheets to create a hotel vibe. A neutral colour on the walls could complement bright, bold bedsheets.

Think about using fabric in novel ways. For example, recovering a headboard using a vibrant fabric can create a ‘designer’ vibe in your bedroom. If not, there’s always the classic option of buying new cushions in bold designs.

Bright colours and patterns combined with neutral shades can create a sleek, contemporary look in your bedroom – check out Pantone, Dulux or Pinterest for colour palette inspiration.

Think About the Space

In hotel rooms, there are clear ‘zones’ with furniture grouped by function. Think about what you use your bedroom for – is it just for sleeping? Do you get ready for the day in there? Or do you work from your bedroom, too? Plan your room so that each activity has its own space. This stops your bedroom from feeling chaotic and stressful.


No hotel would leave heaps of paperwork or piles of old clothes laying around. If you’re redecorating, it’s the perfect excuse to have a ruthless declutter. Think about every item or trinket and give it the Marie Kondo treatment – is it useful? Does it spark joy? If so, why are you keeping it? If you have treasured items you want to keep, but not display, consider putting them into storage in your loft or garage.

Don’t Forget the Carpets

One thing people love about visiting hotels is plush, sumptuous carpets. If your carpets are looking a little threadbare, it’s going to ruin that ‘luxury hotel’ feeling you’re looking for. Now is a great time to upgrade, and you can find comfortable carpets to suit different budgets.

If you have wooden flooring, consider investing in a new rug. This creates a warm, cosy feeling and adds texture and colour to the room.

Go for Soft Lighting

No-one can relax under harsh, overhead lighting. If you can utilize natural light, go for it – but on cloudy days, go for soft lighting. If you really want to recreate an authentic hotel room experience, try installing a dimmer switch, or reading lights that can be individually controlled.

Add Luxury Touches

This is the fun part! Consider how you can bring a bit of luxury into your bedroom. Good quality cotton sheets with a high thread count, beautiful smelling candles, and luxury soap and hand cream (if you have an ensuite) are perfect, small touches that can make a big difference. A beautiful mirror can help create a sense of spaciousness, too.