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For such a central part of the home, your staircase often gets neglected as simply a place to get from A to B. In fact, paying more attention to this area can help create a central and attractively designed focus for your home, an elegant first impression with that certain wow factor when people walk in through the front door.

Under Stair Storage

In most UK homes, the underneath of the staircase is utilised as a closed-off storage space for coats and every bit of stuff you can’t find a good place for anywhere else. This is a waste of a good space when it comes to creating a decorative focal point for your home.

For example, transforming the under-stair area into a bookcase quickly adds a great deal of drama. Whether you want to put up books or ornaments or plants, it makes this part of your home look welcoming rather than simply functional.

The Design of Your Staircase

If you are looking to make a major change, then consider the design of your staircase itself. Again, older and even some modern homes in the UK tend to have staircases made of wood with a largely similar look. There are other options, however, that all look pretty fantastic.

These include using forged steel, glass, and other materials. Of course, it’s a major undertaking to take down your existing staircase and replace it with a new one but the change can be dramatic and add value to your property when you eventually decide to sell.

Brightening Up Your Staircase

For those who don’t want to undertake major renovations, there are several options for giving your staircase that added wow factor. First of all, you need to look at not just the staircase but the surrounding walls and hallway. It should be considered as a homogenous entity rather than separate components, especially when you are attempting to design something that catches the eye.

For the staircase itself, the two main parts to consider are the steps and the handrail. Most people go for a carpet on the stairs as it’s comfortable under foot and easy to maintain. There are many different options here, whether you want a bright-coloured and distinctive carpet or something more muted and less obtrusive. Patterned runners can certainly help lead the eye up the stairs but it’s worth considering several different options before you make your final decision.

What you do need to take into account is the floor surrounding the staircase and how this matches up to the carpet or other flooring that you choose for the steps.

Lighting for your stairway is also important. In most houses, this normally comes from a single hallway and landing light but it’s worth considering whether you want to install some illumination leading up the stairs.

The Staircase Walls

Finally, you need to consider how you are going to decorate the walls. Start with the top of the staircase and what you are going to place there as a focal point, for example, a piece of expressive art or something that means a lot to your household.

The side walls are a great space to create a gallery for your home. Mixing and matching different-sized images helps create dynamism and interest.

Whether you want to make a statement on your staircase of keep it clean and simple, Adamms Carpets in North Shields has the carpets you need at the price you want to pay!