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Being stuck at home during lockdown is frustrating.  You start to notice all those jobs you’ve been ignoring during the normal rush of life.  And the urge to do something about them comes along.  But then there can be issues about getting supplies – are they considered ‘essential’?

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things you can do to improve your home during the lockdown.  Let’s look at some ideas to help inspire you.

Look at room layouts

One thing to consider is the layout of a room.  Over time, things can change their use a little and this might mean that they are no longer in quite the right place.  Say you like to sit and read in your new chair – but do you get the right light, so you aren’t straining your eyes?  Could it be better placed near the window or the wall light?

Also, look at the flow of the room and make sure furniture hasn’t shuffled around to block this.  You always want to make it easy to get through a room without slaloming around the furniture.  Can you do this, or does something need to be moved a little?

Touch up little flaws

While going shopping for paint can be questionable during lockdown, there’s nothing to stop you using supplies you already have to do some touching up.

We all have those little spots where something fell over and knocked a little chip out of the paint on the wall or someone scratched a piece of furniture against it.  Lockdown is the perfect time to grab those half-used tins of paint from the shed and start touching up little flaws in an otherwise well-decorated room.

Don’t forget, if you can buy the paint supplies you need while shopping for other essentials, then this is okay too.  Many supermarkets will stock DIY supplies and some stores are open so if you find you need something essential from them, it is okay to buy other less essential items at the same time.

Work in the garden

So far, one of the big blessings of the lockdown has been the weather and the ability to get outdoors.  If you have a garden of any size, lockdown is a great time to do some work in it and it is also just the start of the traditional gardening season.

Consider going a little ‘grow your own’ whether this is veg, fruit or something simple like herbs.  If you have kids, this is a brilliant project that they can do a little on each day, watering the seeds, cultivating the plants and even harvesting the herbs to use in meals.

Plan what you will do

If you are feeling a bit lethargic, then do some planning rather than some activity.  Take photos of your room and study what you might do to make them better.  Look at fresh flooring ideas or how to add a rug to the room to add a feature.

Go to sites like Pinterest and get some inspiration from other people’s homes to help you choose what you will do with yours when lockdown ends.  It also gives you something else to look forward to when all these restrictions ease!