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Modern, minimalist and monochrome, styling your home black and white is a great way to get impact with as few colours as possible.

Monochrome Flooring

Your Flooring is a great way to include monochrome elements in your home, from light or dark carpets, to dark wood laminate flooring and even classic black and white chequerboard vinyl will look amazing and give any room a base from which to work from. Of course, whether the flooring is light or dark will indicate how you style the rest of the room so choose carefully.

Dark walls and a white floor can look striking but can be a bit impractical if it is a high traffic area that gets a lot of footfall so consider the use of the room before choosing that all white carpet for the staircase where your kids and dog are likely to bring all sorts of cleaning problems! If you do love a light floor and it is a high traffic area then perhaps consider a contrasting rug to place over the floor, this will add a layer of colour and also protect the floor.

Rugs are also a great option if you can’t change the flooring, as you can get a lot of great monochromes, striped, spotted or patterned rugs in the black and white colourway to give you the feeling of monochrome on the floor without having to change it.

Layering adds Style

Going for black and white is not really considered a trend anymore, it is more a style as so many stylish interiors have adopted this approach. Because the contrast can be quite stark layering the monochrome aspects on top of each other adds texture and interest to what can be quite a stark approach to decorating. Lots of off white or off black rugs, black and white patterns in cushions and art on the walls can add much need texture in a monochrome scheme. If you have white walls then consider making a feature picture wall with all black frames and then different muted tones in the artwork itself so it blends seamlessly into the style.

Colour Accents

On of the most interesting things about a black and white colour scheme is that you can include pops of colour in all sorts of ways and it does not affect the monochrome feel of the room, it simply highlights it. If you have a layered monochrome scheme and then add some great velvet red cushions on the white sofa then that makes a real statement without having to change the monochrome feel. This also lets you add current and future trends to the room without looking the monochrome style that it has.

Whether you are embracing the monochrome throughout you whole house or simply in one room Adamms Carpet warehouse has all the flooring you need to complete your look at the best possible price. Visit the warehouse in North Shields to find the flooring you want at the price you can afford.