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A cluttered home can become an increasing problem as the years go by.  Knick-Knacks are collected at an ever increasing rate along with gifts at birthdays and Christmases and don’t forget all those holiday mementos and souvenirs, all of which arriving at home can turn a nice pleasing room into a cluttered mess that’s suddenly very annoying.

If this is the case for you then the best remedy would be to strip back, declutter your home and bring back that calm environment you need after that long day at work.  But how can you manage this? where do you start amidst all the clutter you’ve accumulated?  Well there are a few easy ideas that can guide you.

Simplify and re-organise

Simplify your décor.  Take a look at the room in question and question if anything is outdated, anything bothering you in that space or something getting in the way of what to room is meant for.  A great way to help figure out what you want in there and what you don’t is to take all the décor and remove everything beside the furniture itself.

You can then see the room in its raw form and get a sense of the space it can offer.  Little touches can enhance the living space as well such as moving your sofa away from the wall, if not to the centre of the room just a few inches can make a difference rather than have it pressed against the back wall.  You can also replace heavy dark curtains with something lighter and thinner to not be so imposing on the room.

De-clutter and storage

Remember less is more, something that is very true when you want to strip back your living space.  So with your décor items out of the room select just a few favourites, say no more than half of what you removed.  You can either put the rest into storage and rotate some of them when you feel like it or if you find you don’t miss them you could donate or sell them.  Inventive storage can really make a difference in your living space, consider rolling boxes under your sofa or bed to hold collections of items your might need but not be in the way.  If you need something fairly often you could collect them into a small bowl or plate, condensing items like this can give a clean look to the area.

The same technique can be applied to bookshelves or items on other shelving units to force you to really look at these items and keep only the best of the best on show, thereby bringing more quality over quantity to your home.

Use of colours

So now you’ve filtered your room of its undesired excess you can now consider the colour scheme of the room itself.  A muted palette will help a room seem elegant and beautiful whereas too many colours can seem distracting, if you don’t know where to start consider the 60-30-10 rule.  What it means is choose a colour you like from a decorating sample, that colour will be 60% of your rooms colour with a secondary colour being 30% and an accent colour being the last 10% of the space.

There are many options to choose from when stripping back your look, just remember that less is more leading to quality over quantity in your living space and you should be surprised by the fresh new space your made for yourself.

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