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There’s nothing at all wrong with the trend of using neutral carpets around the home that has dominated in the last few years.  But sometimes you want to step outside of beige and soft grey and try something different, brighter.

And that can be scary!  So here are some expert tips on using colourful carpets in your home so you can go bold with confidence.

Start in the bedrooms

One of the best places to start experimenting with colour is in the bedrooms.  You don’t spend all of your time there but they still offer a regular interaction for you to see how you feel about them.

When looking at bedroom carpets, still remember the basics of choosing a carpet when you pick one, regardless of the colour.  Look at the type of use the room receives and make sure the carpet is tough enough to withstand it.

Mix carpet types in key areas

Mixing and matching carpets in areas that run into each other is a great way of creating a visual boundary.  For example, have a plain carpet on the hallway floor and a patterned carpet on the stairs.  Just make sure they have the same basic colour palette so there’s harmony.  You could also do something similar with a kitchen dining room or a living room that runs straight into a dining room.

Using brightly coloured runners

Runners are a type of rug designed to be long and rectangular and work perfectly with everything from wood floors to another carpet.  They are also a great way to bring some colour into the room and if you think they don’t work after a while, you can just move them somewhere else in the house.

Hallways are another great spot for a runner, up the stairs or along the corridors.  You can go for practical versions that lead from front or back doors too and help protect other floorings from debris carried inside.

Combine texture and colour

If you aren’t ready for a full-on burst of colour, why not try a carpet that is brighter than a neutral and has a lot of texture?  That way you get two interest areas – the colour and the look fo the carpet.

For areas like bedrooms without kids then something like velvet carpets can be very luxurious.  Or you can choose an uncut loop pile that has an informal look and is surprisingly resilient.  Some carpets even mix loop and uncut pile to create an interesting appearance.  And you can even get carpets with a metallic thread!

Use a feature rug

Feature rugs are great because you can pair them with carpet or wood flooring of any kind.  You can go really bold with them because there’s loads of different patterns, colour block styles or even just plain colour versions.  If you have a patterned carpet, then a plain bold colour rug works well.  Or if you have a plain carpet, feel free to choose a patterned rug.

Enjoy some colour

Not every room needs to have a blast of colour but using colourful carpets in your home can change the mood and feel of each space.  There’s lots of ways to do it depending on how colourful you want to go!