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For a few years now, carpet has been unfairly viewed as a bit old-fashioned, not something to be seen in modern and trendy homes.  But 2020 has seen that view change with the comeback of carpet in a whole range of new and unique ways.  So, is carpet making a comeback and will it now be considered ‘trendy’?

If you are already a carpet fan but have resisted because it didn’t seem the right design choice, then you will love some of these new trends in using carpet.  And if you were never sure it was for you, then the latest trends may help you with a new viewpoint.

Contrasting designs

Typically, a carpet would be a single style throughout a room and often continued into adjoining rooms.  A classic example was the living room into the downstairs hallway and up the stairs then along any upstairs hallway.  All the same.

But this year’s trend throws that idea out of the window – somewhat.  The trend is to use contrasting designs that work together but are different.  Something as simple as a light carpet with dark spots that changes into the same colours but with a dark carpet with light spots.  These flow together but add a little personality into each room.

Animal print

How many of you have some kind of animal print in your wardrobe?  A scarf, a top, a pair of leggings?  Well, one of the trends for this year is to bring that animal print to a new location – the floor of your home!

The animal print carpet works perfectly with the neutral shades that so many people love.  They may not be ideal for those larger rooms or to flow from one room to another but for a smaller accent area, they are amazing.  The dining room half of a kitchen-diner is one perfect example where animal print shines through.

Statement colour carpet

Most of the time, the statement or accent colour is used on a single wall or maybe just in the accessories in the room.  But the 2020 trend is to have a carpet in your statement colour for a bold and bright room look.

If you want to go one step further, combine a brightly coloured carpet with bold colours on the wall and even a few bright accent furniture pieces.  Think a gorgeous turquoise carpet with pink and yellow walls and two chairs in turquoise and green.  You may want to use this kind of colour scheme for the bedrooms, home office and other room though, depending on your love of colour!

A pattern in the carpet

The final big carpet trend of the year is the use of pattern in the carpet alongside plain walls.  Everything from geometric designs to something exotic from around the world can work well when paired with neutral and plain walls.

Or if you are unsure that a full pattern carpet is for you, opt for a patterned rug instead.  Paired with plain carpet or wood flooring, it brings that personality to any space.