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When it comes to carpets, many of us think of them as a bit traditional, a bit classic.  Those big heavy-duty styles with gorgeous colours and a big price tag.  And while there’s definitely lots of carpets that fit that description, there are also many styles that are bright colours, quirky patterns and very different from the classic look.  With these modern carpets, you can make a stylish and interesting room very easily – let’s see how.

Start with bold colours

You may think of carpets in soft greys, muted beige shades, maybe a gentle pink or blue.  But there’s plenty of bold, strong coloured carpets out there and these can make for a real feature in any room.  Think green, yellow, bright blue, magenta pink or even bright orange!

Using bold colours and styles such as colour blocking is very on-trend and allows the carpet area or rug to become the focal point of the room.  They work perfectly with otherwise quite plain or muted colour schemes and can be paired with a single piece of very colourful artwork.

When choosing this type of carpet, always remember the basics of the weave.  You want something that can withstand frequent use for high traffic areas like a living room.  Thicker can be better to help cut down footfall noises too.

Stripes with black and white

Black and white in carpets isn’t a new idea but one of the big trends currently is to use stripes in these patterns.  The effect is eye-catching, modern and very classy and has been a big feature in clothes for many years – so why not with carpeting and rugs?

People often use this style for rugs or for areas of carpet paired with either a plain carpet or a wood floor.  This allows the striped area to stand out as the centrepiece.  It works with monochrome colour schemes and you can also still add a pop of colour to another part of the room and have it work nicely.

Try an unusual pattern

Lots of us are familiar with classic patterns for carpets.  Things like fleur-de-lis have been used on carpets for decades and that’s great.  But if you are going for a more modern look, this classic emblem might not fit in.

Motifs and unusual patterns have been a trend for the last few years and continue to be so.  They are popular for bedrooms in particular and you can find all kinds of styles from something with superheroes for the kids to geometric shapes for the master bedroom.

Carpet tiles and area rugs

With most of these styles, a full room of the carpet might be a little full-on and not an ideal solution.  That’s where carpet tiles and area rugs come in.  These are both ways to create these decorated carpet areas without having something that is too much.  So you can have that area of bold pink carpet and pair it with a subdue grey wood floor.  Or that funky geometric pattern of carpet tiles surrounded by a simpler shade.