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Flooring options for summer evenings, make you want something different than the dead of winter, and while flooring is one of those home items you can’t change with the seasons, great light flooeing can work at any time of year.

Longer evenings, salads and ice creams are all common summer themes we look forward to each year. If you want to update your flooring this summer, then take a look at some of this year’s big trends for some summer inspiration.

All Natural

One big trend for the last couple of years remains a top one for this summer and that’s the move towards natural or natural-appearing flooring.  For some people, this means real wood or stone floors while for others it means laminate or maybe a vinyl floor that creates the look of stone.  People want something on the floor that looks like it is natural, and these types of flooring often have practical benefits too including being easy to clean.

Have you though Texture?

In all types of flooring, the texture is a big deal.  That can mean smooth, however, so don’t think that if you wanted a nice laminate flooring that suddenly you shouldn’t because it doesn’t have a rough texture – the trend is all textures and smooth is one of those.  It also includes real wood effects such as distressed and even wire brushes.  Combining areas of carpet and flooring is another way to create that textured appearance.

Practicality Wins Out

The look and feel of things are great but more people are impressed by the practical benefits a flooring brings before anything.  We lead busy lives and don’t want to have to spend a chunk of them constantly cleaning the carpet or using a special process to bring up the wood floor.  That’s why things like waterproof flooring have become big – there are vinyl, laminate and even carpets in this style that is perfect for families and pet owners.

Love a Pattern

If you are a fan of colour and pattern, then you are good for this season and looking ahead as well.  Patterns, bolder styles and colour are coming into flooring in a big way and show themselves in lots of styles.  For example, wide plank flooring is a massive trend that is also quite practical – you need less to cover your floor.  Chevron and herringbone styles are also popular while mixed width floorings can make any room look interesting.

Lighter Shades of Grey

Grey has been a popular colour option for a little while and works in almost any room.  It remains a top option for this summer and has been joined by blonde flooring.  This just means light colours such as blonde wood or pale brown colours of carpet.  These shades make a room seem larger and also have a warmer, homey vibe compared to grey, which some people find a little industrial and cool.

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