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Creating a relaxing and serene place to relax is all important in a bedroom décor scheme and so it is no wonder that the orient is such an inspiration when it comes to zen bedrooms!

Clean lines and a good helping of serenity that can help you de-stress after a long day. Choosing an Oriental experience can also transform any ordinary space into something dramatic. With oodles of elegance and charm, going oriental could be just the perfect design choice for your home. The great news is that you can pick and choose particular elements which work for you and even decorate your bedroom so that it has aspects from both east and west influences.

Elegance and Charm – Oriental Design

Choosing the right wall colour or laying down an oriental carpet can instantly transform your bedroom into something mystical, charming and serene.

Picking a colour for the walls of your oriental bedroom is the first thing you have to get right. Colours that are in tune with nature are perfect for the background and allow you to add more vibrant splashes of colour here and there that create definition. Opt for creams, pale greys or light blues to create the perfect backdrop. You can then place strips and spots of strong colour in strategic places. Rich cherry blossom or bold purple colours simply bring the wall space to life and are the perfect complement to a more muted backdrop.

Oriental Inspired Flooring Choices

The oriental experience is all about balance. You don’t want anything taking over control and dragging the attention to a particular part of the room. Many people go for a simple wood floor or a plain carpet in a similar colour to the walls. Laying down an oriental pattern carpet or rug here can add more warmth and definition and there are a variety of beautiful styles to choose from. You can choose a more traditional weave or look for something contemporary to fit the surrounding décor.

You certainly have plenty options. There are Bokhara rugs that have their origin in central Asia with a highly stylised pattern. Then there’s the Khotan rug with its choice of rich reds and golds or more muted pinks and greys. The further east you go the greater the range of carpets and rugs you will discover – there’s something to suit almost any taste.

You can also get incredible patterned carpets that infuse the soul of the orient in their beautiful patterns and colours. For luxe designer carpets in the North East at incredible prices, Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields is the best place to buy new carpets for your bedroom.

Oriental Furniture

The bed and other furnishings are also important in an oriental style bedroom if you’d like to go the whole hog. If you want the perfect oriental feel, then a bed that is low to the ground is considered suitable. Other furnishings like cupboards and dressing tables should also be suitably minimalist in design if you want to reflect the true oriental style. Think more functional than overly ornate and you won’t go far wrong. Neat lines and balance in the décor add up to a relaxing place to hang out.