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Pattern in the homes is making a big comeback, with style interiors trend setters like House of Hackney being applauded for their use of clashing patterns and maximalism, now has never been a better time to experiment in your home with patterns.

There is of course a fine line between amazing stylish maximalist clashing patterns and your home resembling your grandmothers sitting room however to make pattern work for your home, you can simply encompass it into your own personal interior style.

There are a few basic guidelines on using pattern in your home and we are going to take a look at a few of the great ways to include it in a way that suits your style.

Go Maximalist

So, if like House of Hackney you want everything patterned, from the wallpaper, to the carpet and then adding flowering patterned furniture, lamps and bright bold artwork then go for it. This is a bold look that will ensure everyone knows you LOVE the pattern trend at the moment and given the amount if time and energy you will put into this personal look you have to really love it as it will be with you for a while.

Single Pattern

If you love a particular patterned carpet or wallpaper, then choose that and go plain all around it. This lets you make the statement of pattern without the risk or nanna’s sitting room and it is easier to match against one pattern than a whole lot of different ones. Perhaps pick a fabulous patterned carpet and then pick a colour from that pattern to put on the walls and then a different colour to pick up with accessories like cushions and lamps.

Pattern and Colour

If you want to really celebrate a pattern, then consider taking a blue patterned carpet and use that colour as a base for the rest of the room. By using one colour, in different shades and perhaps patterns then you can really make a statement look with only one large patterned area (e.g. carpet) and create a cohesive look by using different blues on the walls, then a different shade of blue for furniture and then a different blue or contrasting blue pattern for cushions, throws or rugs.

Patterned Accessories

If you are not ready to embrace the pattern long term and don’t want to splash out on a statement fixed item like carpets or wallpaper, then use patterned accessories to the max to bring this trend to life. Lots of clashing patterned throws and cushions can make a massive impact in a plain coloured room, then if you add a patterned rug, this can bring the whole look together and you can be as brave as you want as if your interest in the pattern trend wanes you can always redistribute the accessories in other areas of your home.

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