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Axminster Carpets in North Shields

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Distinctly British in flavour and considered the height of luxury by many, Axminster is certainly the quality brand many people want in their homes. Handmade from natural wool in a variety of textures and styles, you can choose from tartans and natural plaids as well as more rustic colours and styles that look great on any floor. Axminster is not only a staple of English homes it is exported all across the globe and adorns some of the most famous buildings in the world. Textured carpets include their Royal Borough Wilton Collection while for the traditionalist there are Persian and Eastern motifs as well as subtle floral designs.

Axminster have a couple of centuries of manufacturing experience behind them and each carpet is individually inspected to make sure it meets exacting standards. Whether you want something versatile and practical such as Dartmoor Seascape in honeysuckle or autumn colours or a minimalist design such as Princetown Picasso in morning mist, there’s a carpet to suit any floor, personality and occasion. Axminster carpets bring stylish simplicity to your home combined with a high quality product that will last for many years to come. Traditional Axminster carpets are characterised by the use of natural wool, quality craftsmanship and a distinctly British flavour that sets them apart from any other product on the market.

At Adamms North Shields Carpet Warehouse we stock a great range of Axminster carpets and can also quickly order any of their carpets for you. Easy to fit and available in a wide range of styles and textures, if you want a carpet that brings handmade authenticity to your home then this is the brand to choose.