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iSense Carpets

iSense Carpets LogoiSense Quality Carpets in North Shields

iSense carpets from Associated Weavers bring sensuality and luxury to your home. Designed with super soft fibres, these carpets are more than just a fashion statement – they are a lifestyle choice that says something deeper and more profound about your home and you. This fantastic carpet collection is also incredibly strong and durable despite the company’s focus on producing a product that is both tactile and soft.

Once iSense carpets are laid on your floor, the chances are you’ll want to get down and run your fingers through the weave just to see how soft it is. The company’s marketing campaign for their current range is all about sensuality and opulence, aimed at those who want more than just a simple floor covering. If you want a carpet that brings an amazing sense of calm as soon as you walk into a room, then the range from Associated Weavers is an ideal choice.

Not only do they feel great, iSense carpets look great too, with subtle styles and intriguing names like Illusion, Lamour, Seduction and Adoration. There are a range of colours and shades available too such as caramel, crumble and chic shadow which means that you can find something to suit any room in your home. Visit our massive carpet warehouse on Norham Road to view the range. Combine this with the luxury feel as you sink your feet into the special weave and you have the sumptuous style of a much more expensive carpet at a price you can afford