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Stain Free Carpets

Have you ever wished keeping your carpets clean and stain free was just a little bit easier? Then stain-free carpets maybe the answer for you. Gone are the days when you have to worry about dropping things on your carpet, liquid spills, mud and dirt – all these items will come up quickly and easily with a stain free carpet – and will leave no stains!

As modern homes become busier and busier – children playing, friend visiting, family popping over – carpets can get dirty very quickly. If a spill is not cleaned up quickly or is of a contrasting colour to the carpet stains can develop quickly, and once a carpet is stained only rugs or a new carpet will cover it up.

  • Child Proof
  • Pet Proof
  • Spills Proof
  • Mud Proof
  • Stain Proof

Stain Free carpets are a revolution in the floor covering world and are being adopted by family homes and business premises across the UK. They now look great and perform even better.

Extend the life of your carpet and get a stain free carpet in your home today. For a look at the different manufacturers, colours and styles that are available in Stain Free options visit Adamms Carpet in North Shields today for the best deals in Stain Free Carpets!

Here are a few of the great carpets that come in a Stain Free Version!