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Twist Pile Carpets

Twist pile carpets have been a favourite type of carpet for many years and will continue to be so for many to come. You will have had twist pile carpets in your home and not realised this was the name of the carpet type you have. Their popularity endures because they are versatile, durable and great to walk on! Twist Pile Carpets are carpets manufactured in a way, they come in a massive variety of styles, colours and patterns and many different carpet manufacturers make this type of carpet.

Twist Pile Carpets are tufted carpets, this way of manufacturing carpets is used in over 70% of all carpets made in the UK and is the most popular way of making carpets. Tufted carpets come in a few different ‘types’ of which Twisted Pile is one. When manufacturing a Twist Pile carpet the yarn is slightly twisted before being set to form the pile which give the carpet a nice soft and textured carpet. Heather coloured carpets (carpets with a combination of coloured yarns) are available in twist pile and look great as a tonal effect carpet, but plain and patterns are also available.

Here are a few Twist Pile Carpet Images from some of our favourite carpet brands