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Velvet Carpets

Velvet Carpets add that little extra luxury to your home. Called velvet because of the smooth, soft, luxe feel finish of the carpet – the pile on velvet carpet is sheared, cut softer and smoother than other carpets and they are often known for their shading reminiscent of the feel of velvet.

Many carpet brands have a luxury carpet that includes a velvet feel carpet. Also known as velour or plush. These carpets look and feel wonderful and can be used all over the home but are most popular in bedrooms. Not so much thoroughfare and a little luxury makes velvet carpets in the bedroom a fantastic choice.

Often made with an 80/20 wool to nylon blend for extra plus feel and high piles with deep density for a real soft foot feel. Adamms Carpet warehouse stocks a large number of Velvet Carpets from all the major brands at the best prices across the North!

Here are a few great Velvet Carpets