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UK families, and the North East in particular, are known as being pet lovers. They are part of the family and are always accommodated in the home. But this does mean, depending on the type of pet that you have that certain considerations have to be made when you are decorating you home. Ad in particular you need to think about the flooring.

Pet Friendly Homes

We want our homes to be comfortable, safe, and friendly for everyone who lives there, including out four-legged family members. But pets do pose a unique challenge when it comes to interior decorating. At the top of the list is finding the best pet-friendly flooring you can and remember if you are not sure you can always get expert advice from the team at Adamms Carpets in their carpet warehouse near Newcastle.

They can advise you on choosing a flooring that is comfortable, looks great and can handle the wear and tear of as many pets as you have. One of the biggest considerations when thinking about the flooring you choose for your pet is making sure that the floor you choose is durable and very easy to clean so it can stand up to the scratches from your pet’s nails and those inevitable accidents.

Pet Flooring Choices

For your home there are a few main flooring options, vinyl, carpet, hardwood and laminate so here are some considerations on each of these flooring types when it comes to choosing flooring for your pet.

  • Carpet is soft and will most definitely be comfortable under pet paws, however a hard surface is actually the best flooring for dogs (and cats!). Carpets absorb orders and attract pet hair and carpets stain easily so avoid them if your pet is accident prone. If you are set on having a carpet, then pick a carpet with a large pattern and a darker colour this will help hide any stains or wear and tear. Also ensure you have a great underlay as this will make your carpet last a lot longer.
  • Living with your pet or pets means frequent cleanings and more wear and tear on flooring many pet owners choose vinyl flooring because it can offer the look of natural stone or ceramic without the hard, cold surface. It also comes in a large variety of other styles both natural and more modern patterns. It has many pet-friendly features, it is scratch, wear, water and stain-resistant, yet feels warm and comfortable underfoot.
  • With one or more dogs or cats in your home, laminate flooring is another excellent, pet-friendly option because it’s easy to clean and practically indestructible. Well known for its wear and stain resistance, laminate flooring can handle the heavy traffic of active pets and kids. On top of that, it’s available with the looks and textures of real hardwood. There are few restrictions to where you can use laminate, including bathrooms and high moisture areas.
  • Hardwood floors may not be the best flooring for dogs, especially if you have multiple pets that like to run and jump indoors. But if your heart is set on hardwood, choose a hardy wood species and get advice from the flooring experts at Adamms carpets to find a flooring that’s durable enough to resist scratches and scuffs.

When it comes to finding the best flooring for dogs, the best advice is to choose harder surfaces that can and will withstand your pet’s daily actions, wear and tear and occasional spills.