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For a long time, most people have automatically gone from neutrals to decorate their home. These are the soft shades of beige or grey that can work with any accent colour and offer a gentle backdrop to your furniture.

But there’s a newcomer to the ranks of neutral – pink!

How is pink a neutral?

Before we start on ideas for decorating with pink, let’s take a moment to discuss pink and how it can be a neutral.  The answer is simple – not all pinks can fit into the neutral category.  Bright magenta, strong fuchsia pink, even a hot pink is not classed as neutral because they are too bold.

But there are plenty of softer shades of pink that can be a neutral and also work well with other neutrals.  Those soft blush tones, hints of baby pink or antique pink shades are able to fall into the neutral category easily while still retaining their pink personality.  Pinks have also traditionally been classed as ‘girly’, but these soft shades can pair with colours to make them suitable for any room in the house.

How to decorate your home with pinks

To start with, think about the colour pink and what you want to pair it with.  Light and medium shades of pink work well with other neutrals, particularly grey.  There’s something distinctive and modern about a pink and grey colour scheme and you can go as soft or bold a shade as you like.

Pinks also work well with jewel tones which remain very on-trend.  Emerald green and sapphire blue are the two worth noting, offering a bold contrast to a soft pink shade and are perfect for those oversized cushions, bedspreads or accent rugs.

You can also go the other way and pair pink with white and off-white tones for a light and airy look.  These shades are idea for rooms with not much natural light, adding a sense of space.  Or you can pair pinks with black, particularly black furniture, for a modern look.

Using pink in a room

There’s nothing to stop you using pink as the accent colour too and pairing it with other neutrals as we mentioned.

One great option to bring in some pink is to use as the carpet for the room.  Or if you have wood flooring, use a pink rug to break it up. Adamms carpet warehouse in North Shields have a comprehensive range of pink shades available so you can get just the right pink for the room.  For example, for high traffic rooms, a slightly darker shade might work while a dreamy soft pink is ideal for the bedroom.

You can also use pink for the soft furnishings in the room and their accents.  From a pink sofa to a selection of pink shade cushions on the bed, there are plenty of ways to use pink in the room, even if you don’t want to decorate with it.  Don’t forget the artwork and those accessories in shade of pink too!