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At the heart of any kitchen refurbishment is one big question – what colour scheme do you want to use?  Deciding this helps to guide your choice in everything from the colour of the cupboard doors to the accents in the room.  We often think about those accents as the way to decide the colour – but don’t forget the part flooring plays in the decision!

Understanding Colour

There are tons of ways to decide on the colour scheme for your kitchen.  People are often drawn to trends, colours that are popular in any particular year and that are everywhere – colours we see a lot can influence our choice.

While trend colours can work, sometimes they can become dated quickly.  Ideally, you want a scheme that will last for at least five years without looing weird or outdated.  So that’s why experts often advise to step beyond trends and think about the room you want and its mood.

Colours are often grouped into two – warm and cool colours.  Reds and yellows tend to be warm colours that are energising and stimulating while cooler colours like blues and greens can be calming and less dominating in a space.

Starting with White

The most popular colour for a kitchen is almost a non-colour – white.  White does work particularly well in the kitchen because it is clean and sleek.  We think of it as being fresh and bright although it can slip into clinical as well.

That’s why there is now a whole range of neutral shades that take white and add a little something.  That might be a little brown to make a beige shade or a little black to make a grey shade.  A hint of colours also works well – a hint of green or a hint of yellow.

Modern Kitchen Colours

There have been plenty of trends in terms of kitchen colours – from lime green and orange to lilacs and all-whites.  Currently, the trend is a little more restrained and favours pale blues, shades of grey as well as darker blues and almost black shades.  Yellows paired with dark greys work well while grey mixed with other shades to create ones such as taupe are popular.

Whatever shade you opt for, the current approach is to use colour sparingly.  You may love those petrol blue cupboard doors, but will you love them in five years when you have looked at them all day?

The Part Flooring Plays

Flooring can be one of the easiest ways to bring colour into a room or to bring together the colours you want to use.

Let’s take the example of laminate flooring.  It comes in a number shades including browns and greys that will work with white or neutral schemes.  If you have chosen a pop of colour, you can use a muted flooring option to work perfectly without having to be just plain white tiles.

Luxury vinyl tiles and other types of vinyl flooring can be perfect to bring a pattern into the kitchen while allowing the units and walls to remain plain.  It can last many years but is also more cost-effective to replace if you fall out of love with the colour than all of those cupboard doors too!