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New flooring can often be a big upheaval in the home and one which you want to get right the first time around. Planning and preparation are key to getting a great finish for your new flooring, whether it is carpet, laminate, vinyl or hardwood. At Adamms Carpets we have over 30 years of experience in laying flooring so here are some of our top tips for you getting it right in your own home.

Plan your new flooring

The space you want new flooring for will often dictate the type of flooring required, for example you wouldn’t want to put carpet in the kitchen! So, consider the room and what it will be used for and then you can start to choose the most appropriate flooring for that room. Similarly think about how much wear and tear your lifestyle will bring to the flooring. If you have small children at home and a few muddy dogs, then easy clean and bleachable flooring will most likely be your friend. If you just need flooring for a spare room, then you can pick something more delicate as it will not be used as much.

Measure Twice

Measure twice, measure three times, and then order right. Better yet get the Adamms Carpets team round to measure for you – but if you want to measure for yourself here are a few top tips:

  • Draw a simple plan of the room and place the measurements on them.
  • For simple rooms with no alcoves etc, multiply the width by the length.
  • Ad an additional 50-100mm to each edge – depending on the specifications of the flooring.
  • Alcoves and such need to be included in the complete surface area and the new flooring will need to be able to be cut to fit.
  • Measure the back of any doorframes or trims.

Prepare the Floor

If you don’t correctly prepare the sub flooring, then the finish of the flooring you are laying will be compromised. The floor needs to be smooth, even and dry, to get this finish you may need to lay hardboard underneath, talk to the team at Adamms to see if this is required for your flooring. Any damp or problems will also have to be sorted out before the new flooring is laid or it will simply resurface after the new flooring is down.

Underfloor Heating

Many homeowners are now opting for underfloor heating, once thought of as a luxury and now seen as an effective and pleasant way to heat a home if you choose this you need to ensure the flooring you are choosing to go on top is suitable. Not all underlay in particular is suitable for underfloor heating so ensure you get expert advice on the right products for you.

Whatever flooring you want Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields can get it for you at an unbeatable price, they also offer free estimating and measuring along with a range of other pick and mix services you can have including delivering and fitting.