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The most romantic day of the year is nearly here – February 14th is a special time of year for many couples and while romantic gestures like a candlelit dinner, chocolates and flowers are traditional (and often very welcome) have you ever considered a romantic upgrade to your home? The phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ is used often because it is true! If you love your home, consider giving it a romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day Carpets

Here we have collected some options to add some long-term romance to your home, all of which are available through Adamms Carpets:

Royal Charter Deluxe Cardinal Red from Abingdon Carpets

This is a glorious carpet with a deep wine red colour to it. This is a cut pile twist carpet, which means that the carpet is has been weaved with loops and each loop is twisted a certain number of times. But that is just a twist pile carpet at this stage, the advantage of having a cut pile twist is that these twisted loops are strategically cut to the same height and thereby splitting the loops.  The reason you might want to consider this carpet type is because it adds an increased softness underfoot and a denser appearance too, perfectly welcoming to bare feet on a cozy evening.

Exeter Concerto in Tapestry Red from Axminster Carpets

This is a beautifully patterned carpet, giving the impression of a floor of red roses it will immediately being a welcome romance to any couple’s home.  A traditional style 100% wool carpet with a bold colour pattern but also designed for extra heavy domestic use as well to suit any room in your home.

Red Coronet from Britons Carpets

This choice is a more classical statement on your home, with its detailed pattern and Fleur-de-lis inspired icons it can imbue elegance to your room year-round, not just for Valentine’s Day. With a tog value of 2.16 and 80% wool, 20% this is a heavy domestic carpet able to handle busy family life.

Solar Pomegranate from Brockway Carpets

Being a beautiful reddish pink colour this carpet has an enticingly feminine quality to it.  80% wool, 20% nylon, 2ply and a tog rating of 1.56 it can be installed into most rooms in a standard home, and even used as a commercial environment.


Perhaps the thought of getting a whole carpet is one that doesn’t sit well with you, perhaps you are ready for a small change. Instead of replacing your whole carpet remember that you can have any of the carpets above made into a rug to go on top of wood flooring or even a carpet you already have.

We’ve been supplying carpets and rugs to homes in the North East for over 31 years, we can work with any budget and cater to any needs. This Valentine’s Day treat your home to a whole new look, either with some of the gorgeous red inspired carpets we have listed here or something of your own choosing to show your home just how much you appreciate it!!