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With summer around the corner you’ll want to dig out that barbeque, plan your holidays and take down those dark heavy curtains.  But what about that lovely rug you bought for the winter? Now you’ve removed it your rooms looking ready for summer but somethings not looking quite right, so how about replacing that winter rug for a summer rug?  You’ll be amazed how much a room can change by doing so.

Summer calls for vibrant colours, engaging patterns and flowers are always a good idea, this doesn’t always seem to work with a rug but you can change that with a summer one after all your area rug or stair runner doesn’t have to be the same all year round, you can change it every season if you so feel like. Rugs are more than just a pretty decoration in the room, they are lightweight, waterproof, washable, non-toxic and even stain proof!

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If floral designs are what your after you can choose a floral rug to go with any fun curtain designs or internal potted plants.  Choosing a layered, patterned multicolour to be placed in your kitchen or living room floor can help you with that.

If floral isn’t what you’re after why not try a touch of green in your home.  A green or blue blend can help you and your room feel rejuvenated and refreshed, like bringing in the fresh new outdoors but without the hassle of dirt.  Or you can go full bright green with it essentially re-creating a beautifully mowed lawn without the same hassles.

You may be thinking about the beach more and more as the world gets brighter each day but depending on your life style you can only stay at the beach for so long, so you can redecorate your room with a costal home vibe to keep that beach feel around as much as possible.  While choosing to do this would require more than just a rug, it is a good place to start.  Something coloured Sky blue, Watercolour waves or a pale sand colour could work.  Going for such a dramatic aesthetic change for your room can seem extreme but after all you can change this at any time but If you have kids, they will love it!

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A Rug can be a perfect way of adding personality to the room it’s in.  Keeping to a lighter palette is always recommended for a summer rug but you don’t have to go for something pale and bland you can look at patterns and textures to help make you rug more interesting.  One design choice that’s quite popular is Boho-chic, a Bohemian influences style choice that create patchwork style patterns or elaborate borders.  It helps make a statement about your room but not too overtly.

If lighter and subtle is not your preferred choice you can go into the rich selection of patterned carpets.  A popular choice also for living rooms with variations on bold geometric patterns.  The advantage to a rug like this is they can be a year-round rug instead of a seasonal one.