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Ho Ho Ho! It’s nearly Christmas and with so many people getting new flooring in time for Santa, it made us wonder what type of flooring he has up there in the North Pole! With a workshop as busy as Santa’s, he and his elves must have a range of different rooms to make the toys, games and other lovely items that are delivered to children across the world on Christmas Day.

Here are a few of the rooms we imagine Santa has and the different flooring he would need in each one!

The Woodworking Workshop – A traditional woodworking place where the elves make all manner of wooden toys. These can be as beautiful as a rocking horse with a lovely flowing mane, or as simple as a pair of Mexican style maracas. Whatever Santa’s woodworking elves are making they will need some great flooring that can handle being continually swept, for this a laminate or hardwood flooring would not only compliment the use of the room but would also be hardwearing enough to handle the wear and tear in the room. If Santa wanted to get a big woodworking machine, he may want to consider safety or non-slip flooring, but as the elves do most of the work by hand, accidents are uncommon and treated by elf magic if they happen at all!

The Soft Toy Room – One of the favourite rooms in the whole of the North Pole and a great place to have a quick snooze after work! Soft toy central, the place where cuddly toys, Plushies and softies are designed, made, stuffed and decorated ready to be delivered to children across the world. In this room the elves want to have a floor that is a soft as the soft toys they make. So, a soft wool carpet is needed to let the elves toes sink into the floor – and they can choose from a huge range of colours!

The Packaging Room – One the gifts are made then they need to be packaged up ready to go on Santa’s sleigh! Boxes and gift wrap, bows and bells fill this bright and colourful room and the elves are waiting to make the gifts look amazing as they wrap them for Christmas. In all this colourful excitement there will be string remnant and pieces of wrapping paper all over the floors so a bright vinyl floor will look amazing in this room and be completely practical for cleaning up quickly and effectively. There are also a huge range of bright and patterned vinyl flooring options, just waiting to make any room look amazing.

The Christmas Kitchen – The delicious smells coming from this room are simply wonderful. A creative Christmas kitchen for making, sweets, biscuits, crackers, candy and chocolates ready to deliver to children across the world on Christmas Day. Santa may also be partial to a chocolate or two! In the Christmas Kitchen modern laminate flooring would be the best as it is extremely hardwearing and really easy to clean. It also comes in a huge range of different real wood options that look just like the real think but are more durable, perfect for a busy kitchen environment!

Christmas Flooring

The workshops at the North Pole are busy all year round, getting the gifts ready for the Children of the world, and the flooring in each room has to be appropriate for the use of the room. Whether that is the letter reading room, the magic music room, the wheels and wonders room or even the Reindeer stables! This is true of Santa’s workshop in the North Pole and in homes across North Tyneside which is why Adamms Carpets in North Shields provides such excellent service to provide carpets, laminate and vinyl to customers all year round!

We hope Santa brings the gifts you are hoping for this Christmas and if you are wishing for a new carpet for your bedroom or hardwood in your kitchen – Adamms Carpets is the place to go!

Merry Christmas from all the Team at Adamms!