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Once you have decided to sell your home you want to sell it as quickly as possible and for the best price. These two things are linked, to sell your home quickly is must be desirable and to sell it for the best price it needs to have more than one interested party. Selling quickly and for the best price all comes down to how desirable your home is to buyers and you can do a lot to make buyers fall for your home over others.

Updating your home

Doing updates to your home before selling it may seem counter-intuitive but if you want the best price for your home then a quick and cheap update and fixing a lot of those DIY problems you have been putting off over the years is essential to selling your home. Here are a few areas that many homes can update prior to putting their homes on the market:

Curb Appeal is important – Make the front of your home look inviting, clean up the garden, add some potted plants, paint the front door, fix the doorbell. All small jobs you can do in a weekend to give your home the upper hand on the street.

Cleaning is Magic – It is amazing what a thorough (and we mean thorough) clean of you home can do. A clean home makes a huge difference to buyers, if you can’t face doing it yourself then hire a cleaning company for a one off deep clean and then you can just keep on top of it after that. Clean and smell free home sell better – obviously!

Refresh the Paintwork – No one really likes painting, but as DIY jobs go this one id fairly simple. Touching up the paint in your home or repainting the bright green walls in the kitchen a neutral shade will always pay dividends when selling your home without breaking the bank.

Declutter, and then Declutter again – Most of us don’t notice how cluttered our homes get because we love all the things in it and they often mean a lot to us. But when it comes to selling you home decluttering is the byword you need. Pack half of the things on your shelves, bookcases, mantelpieces and other areas into storage boxes for the loft and you will be amazed at how clear, clan and bright the space look when you have finished.

Replace Tired Flooring – Similarly with flooring, any threadbare or stained carpets, or simply old-fashioned flooring needs to be replaced. Flooring can be a make or break aspect when it comes to selling your home as potential buyers see it as an expensive item to replace. When you buy flooring from Adamms Carpet warehouse in North Shields you will be pleasantly surprised at the deals available on remnants and end of line carpets, vinyl and laminate you can get to spruce up your home without spending a fortune.

Kitchen Updates – The kitchen is the one place in your home that you should invest a little time, money and hard work if you are selling your home, putting in fresh vinyl flooring, painting the walls or cupboard doors or simply having a big declutter will really make your kitchen stand out from the crowd.