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Like many people, you may find yourself working from home during lockdown. With no fixed date for normality to resume, finding a way to work peacefully in your home can be a challenge – but now is the perfect time to carve out a stylish, calm work environment, either for you or for other members of your household.

Consider the Space

You may have a very limited space to work with. If you don’t have a dedicated office, you might try rearranging your bedroom furniture to see if you can squeeze in a small desk or working space. If not, some stores sell fold-down desks. This isn’t ideal, but can work quite well if multiple people in your household need to use a desk from time to time – and can make the difference between having a dedicated work space, or having to work at your dining table.

It can be difficult to try to work from your bedroom – if you are tired, the temptation will always be there to dive into bed and have a nap. Try to keep your working area as far away from your sleeping area as possible – or consider using something like a room divider to create a physical barrier between your working hours and your resting hours.

The most important thing to consider is whether you can shut yourself away if need be – sometimes you need a bit of peace and quiet to concentrate, or you might need to keep small children or pets from stumbling into your online meetings.

Think About Wellbeing

You may be spending a lot of time at your desk over the next few weeks. It’s important to inject a sense of calm into your workspace to promote a healthy wellbeing. See if you can set up your desk in an area that contains natural light – it may also be helpful to have an open window nearby to let in some fresh air. You might also consider having a houseplant on your desk – even if you are unable to get outside, at least you’ll have a small bit of nature to look at while you work.

Think of Your Posture

A good chair can make the difference between being productive and having to stop every five minutes to stretch your aching back. There are some attractive but comfortable desk chairs out there, but if you have to choose between the aesthetics and comfort – pick comfort every time. An ergonomically designed chair is going to be kinder to your back in the long run, thus making you more productive (and less achy).

Make it Personal

What inspires you? Do you have some inspirational quotes that you love? Artists whose work gives you a spark of creativity? Now is a great time to support freelance artists, so if you have the money to spare, placing an order with an artist you admire is a great way to give them a boost and to improve the look of your work space. Utilize the wall space above your desk to display work that brings you joy and inspiration.

You can also make it personal by displaying photos, or even artwork by kids in your family – sometimes a reminder of the loved ones we care for gives us the drive we need to work even harder.