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At one time, metallics were seen as something that wasn’t always desirable in your interiors but in more recent seasons, metallics with their shimmer and glimmer have become more popular.  Using grey tones along with shades of blush pink and lilac, for example, you can add that touch of luxury while remaining modern and sophisticated.  If you are a metallics fan, here are some ideas on how to add it to your rooms.

Be bright and cold

One of the first approaches to adding metallics is to be unapologetic about it – you love metallics and you don’t care who knows!  Using a statement piece of furniture that has metallic on it is a great way to do this – something like a glass coffee table with metallic legs or a sofa with metallic studs.  You could even go for wire dining room chairs in your favourite metallic shade combined with soft, solid coloured pillows.

Use shimmer shades

If you like metallics but don’t want to go for the brightest shades, then the shimmer tones are ideal.  These are a little less sparkly than full metallics and can add light to a room without being too dominated.  You can even get carpets with a shimmer effect to them that complement other shimmer accessories in the room.

Metallic with modern pastels

Grey has definitely become a favourite among interior designers, but this has also led to a whole palette of modern pastels such as blush pink or lilac.  And these tones work well with subtle shimmers but also with bolder metallics.  You can use a strong jewel tone metallic with these subtle shades as an accent in the room – the stand of a modern dining table is a perfect example.

Mix up textures

Just because you have metallics, doesn’t mean all other textures need to stay away.  In fact, mixing the right textures can be a brilliant solution.  Using materials that are metallic and have a mirror finish can help spread light in a room and look very modern.  You can also mix metallics with wood or marble perfectly.

Choose carpets that complement

When you do go with bold metallic features in the room, you want to be sure that you choose a carpet that complements them.  For example, modern gold metallic features on furniture work really well with sky blue carpets.  Or you can go for a neutral palette that includes shades of the metallic and something similar for the carpet.

Glimmer and sparkle flooring

Sometimes your flooring can be the element that brings the glimmer and sparkle to the room.  You can get all kinds of styles of carpet that bring the luxury metallic or sparkle to a room.  For example, a dark midnight blue carpet with sparkles in it works well with other bold colour furniture and lighter shades of blue on the walls – it almost looks like you have stars in your carpet!

Embrace adding metallics

Whether you choose a sparkle carpet or a couple of metallic vases for the side unit, there are loads of ways to embrace metallics, be on trend but be yourself.  Just find that perfect balance and enjoy!