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For some people, the middle of December is too early to talk about Christmas.  But for the rest of us, there’s the growing awareness that those weeks are ticking down, and the big holiday season is quickly approaching and if you are thinking of making improvements to your home in time for Christmas, now is the time to get planning!

If you are thinking about a home update for Christmas?  When is it too early?  And what kind of things should you think about doing?

Flooring in time for Christmas

The simple answer is that it is never too early to get ready for Christmas.  The earlier you start; the less stress is involved.  Let’s take getting new flooring as an example.  The earlier you choose and book your flooring installation, the less chance it is that it ends up happening just as you have holiday guests arriving.

But what kind of things should you think about doing with your flooring?  Hardwood floors, laminate and carpets remain the three big choices. The best choice and prices on all of these is at Adamms Carpets in North Shields.

Christmas Tree Considerations & Flooring:

  • If you go with wood floor or laminate, make sure you have a protective container around the Christmas tree pot to grab any water that may leak through
  • If you choose carpet, make sure you check how to clean it in case any tree sap leaks from the branches
  • For any flooring, know the best way to vacuum up those falling pine needles later in the holiday season

Christmas Accessories for the Home

When you mention decorating for Christmas, most people think about the tree, maybe some lights, somewhere to put the cards.  But there is a lot more you can do and some of that can start before December comes.

Seasonal artwork is a fun way to refresh the look of the home but also prepare for the holidays.  It doesn’t have to be Christmas-based but simply winter themed.  You can even go for autumn themed for the meantime then change once November comes around.  Whether it is seasonal photos of the family or a print with a snowy look, this adds to the holiday vibe of the room. Another example is to swap some of the accessories around the room.  If you have pillow or cushions on your sofa or chairs, then change these for seasonally themed ones.  Or just go for something that has winter vibe, like the artwork.  The key is to change the look of the room without full scale decorating.

Christmas Wall Art

If you do want to redecorate the walls before Christmas, then get it done while the weather is still pretty mild.  That way you can have the doors and windows open which helps with the smell of the paint.  It also helps to dry everything as quickly as possible.

By starting early, you can make the changes you want to your home well before the holiday season comes around.  Then you can sit back and enjoy Christmas in your newly decorated home, amid the stunning Christmas decorations you added and have a very merry Christmas together!