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Giving a room a revamp is easy, and if you are on a budget to update a room sometimes all it needs is a lick of paint on the walls to make a real change. But what if you have a carpet? How do you protect that carpet while you repaint the walls, especially if you have skirting boards!

Carpet Advice for Painting Skirting Boards

Adamms Carpets in North Shields has been carpeting North Tyneside homes for over 35 years and has great advice on buying and installing all kinds of flooring, including some great advice on how to paint skirting boards when you have carpet!

Painting Your Skirting Boards

Preparation is key to success when painting your skirting boards and protecting your carpets. Ensure you have the right paintbrush, a 5cm brush is about the right size for standard skirting boards, for older, moulded, or larger skirting boards a larger brush may be more suitable.

Masking tape is also essential along with sandpaper and filler to prepare the boards to take the paint for a professional finish. Once you have prepared, filled, and sanded your skirting boards, vacuum and wipe down the skirting boards to get rid of fine dust and then apply a primer coat to help achieve an even finish.

Protect Your Carpets When Painting Your Skirting Boards

If you are also laying a new carpet when you are painting the walls and skirting boards then the best advice is to finish the painting and then lay the carpet. If you already have a carpet and want to paint the skirting boards with the carpet in situ, then we have some advice you can follow.

Two methods to protect your carpet:

  1. Lift the Edges. The first method is to lift the edges of the carpet that is close to the skirting board. This will ensure you don’t get any paint on the carpet however this can be fiddly, especially if you do not know how to re edge the carpet in after the paint has dried. You also run the risk of the carpet flipping back and getting paint on it and taking it off the skirting board. This will also make the room un-usable while the carpet edges are lifted.
  2. The Masking Tape Method – The easiest way to protect your carpet is with masking tape. As long as you take the time to cover properly and ensure enough overlap you should be able to paint the skirting boards and only get paint on the masking tape rather than the carpet. Pushing the masking tape under the skirting board if possible is a great way to ensure no leakage. You should also take extra care not to use too much paint and to get as little paint on the masking tape as possible.

Whichever room you are redecorating remember that with some simple preparation you can paint your skirting boards and keep the carpet you have. Of course, if you are changing up the design of a room then a new carpet is the best way to make that room look and feel amazing. If you do decide a new carpet is the best way to go then you can get the biggest range of carpets at the best prices at Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields.