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Rugs are a common sight in many rooms but as you design your space, you may wonder if you really need one.  After all, aren’t they just a fancy thing people add that don’t really do much?

The reality is that rugs are often the thing that brings a room together.  They are the glue that brings the different elements of the room into a cohesive interior and they are also fun to have around.  If you are still unsure, here are some top tips on decorating with rugs.

Use the rug to define an area of the room

In a medium or large room, you will often end up with spaces that are used for one thing or another.  The most common is to have a seating area where sofas and chairs, a coffee table and maybe the TV is located.  One great use of a rug is to define this area and act as the centrepiece of it.

Inspire the entire colour scheme

For some people, the room decor starts with the rug.  When you have a rug you love, then you can use this to pull the colours, patterns or style and use it in the rest of the room.  From geometric patterns to a specific shade of turquoise, rugs can inspire them all.

Make the flooring varied and interesting

Plain carpets and laminate flooring are two of the most popular types of flooring and for good reason.  But they can seem a little same-ish.  By introducing a rug, you can make the floor more varied and interesting rather than simply an expanse of the same shade.

You can also use different shapes to make the room look more interesting, choosing something that complements your furniture.

Create a focal point in the room

In a similar way of defining an area, you can use a rug to create a focal point in any room.  Some people think this needs to be a fireplace, a TV or a big mirror or painting but there’s no reason it can’t be a rug on the floor instead.

Cut down footfall noise

Perhaps the only downside of laminate and wood floor is that you can hear every step taken.  But the use of rugs strategically can ease this problem.  From rugs alongside the bed to ones in the middle of the living room or even under the dining table, there are ways to cut down that natural noise and look stylish while doing it.

How to use rugs in the best ways

There’s no doubt that there are loads of ways to use rugs to improve a room.  To finish, here’s a couple of tips on how to best use them.

For starters, get the right size.  If you want a room-sized rug, take 3 feet from the length and width of the room.  For under a dining table, leave at least 2 feet of rug on either side so chairs stay on it.  Runners should be 4inches narrower than the hallway and 18-24 inches shorter.

Finally, whenever you have rugs in an area where they are walked on, use liners or rug grips to keep them in place and avoid movement and accidents.