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This time of year, you can’t help but think of possibilities and potential, looking forward to positive changes in your life possibly with the help of your New Years resolution.

But the year is 2020, not only a new year but a new decade! Most new years resolutions involve some sort of personal improvement but with a whole new decade Infront of you why not aim higher by improving your home as well as yourself.

But don’t worry you don’t have to completely refit your home, but with some carefully chosen items you can create the impression you’ve changed a lot more about your home.

Here are some top tips to breath fresh life into your home again.

Plant life

is a great way to quickly add beauty to your home, certain choices can also act as a natural air filter as well to help a room feel fresher as well as look fresher.  There is also the psychological aspect to having plants in your home too, its been proven in several studies that having any plant in your home helps with mental health beyond simply looking pretty.


Rugs are a fantastic way to change a room without having to replace the existing flooring you have.  Whether you are after something bright to draw the eye or something subtle to add a little texture and personality to your room, a rug is a great way of doing this.

An advantage of rugs is that they can be used experimentally if you wish, the impermanence of the rugs give you the option to easily remove one you don’t like and replace it or simply move it around your home to find the best place for it.

Lamp light

It may seem an obvious choice to simply place a household item in a room to change it and that’s true but one of the more effective additions are Lamps.  Choosing a beautiful lamp with a equally striking shade to cover it can bring a lot to a room in your home during the day and then change the lighting scheme there at night.  Using lamp lights instead of your standard room hanging light can be more intimate, and personal, bringing more character to the room they’re in.

Covers and throws

This is an often-overlooked way of refreshing a room, simply browsing for new cushion covers or a throw is a fun way of impulsively changing a room by replacing your existing covers with new ones.  This is something to consider with the change of seasons especially, those rich dark blue sofa cushions might look out of place in July, try replacing them with some bright yellow or white ones for the summer months.

Posters or wall hangings

Most people think all you can hang on a wall is expensive art but a good alternative are art prints which have become common place in most homeware stores, finding a image that speaks to you, framing it and hanging it can have a profound impact on your room and make a huge step to personalizing your home to you.

Looking at your home with fresh eyes is essential to finding the things that are bothering you about your home, experiment with new items, improvising can do you a world of good.  Having fun with it, may lead to some unexpected but welcome outcomes.