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Buying a new carpet for Christmas isn’t always on the top of your to-do list because there’s so much going on.  Most of us will have a big clean ahead of the guests coming for the holidays but what if your carpet is letting you down?  How do you know it is time for a seasonal upgrade?

Stains you can’t remove

Some stains come and go but others are a lot harder to handle.  Occasionally you get stains that just won’t budge, and this can be a sign that the carpet is coming to the end of its life.  These are the kind of stains that don’t come off when you use a carpet cleaner or even have a professional try to remove.  Sure, you can move the furniture to hide it, but you know it is still there!

Unpleasant smells

Like stains, sometimes smells can get into the carpet and no amount of cleaning or deodorising will remove them.  The reason for this is that the cause of the smell is most likely mildew rather than the original cause of the smell.  This can grow inside the carpet if there is moisture and create that unpleasant smell.  It is also very difficult to get rid of once it has set in.

Increased allergy problems

Allergies are tricky and there are hundreds of things that can set them off.  But if your carpet has been around for a while, there’s a good chance it could be one of them.  No matter how thoroughly you clean, allergens such as dust or pollen can hide in the pile of the carpet and cause problems for anyone sensitive to them.

Bare patches

Even the best carpet can wear over time, usually in high traffic areas or where furniture stands.  If you have bare patches or even holes in the carpet, this is a sign that you need to consider an upgrade.  Not only does it spoil the look of the carpet but is a weak spot where more damage can start.

Carpet feels flat

There are two reasons that a carpet can feel flat and lifeless.  The first is that the pile is flattened and there’s no spring left in it.  The second is that the underlay beneath has lost its bounce and is more like a layer of cardboard than anything.  Both or either of these are classic signs that you need to make a change.

The carpet is officially senior

Like most things, carpets have a lifespan.  This depends a lot on the type of carpet and where in the house it is located.  Typically, they are designed to last from five to fifteen years.  Some may go longer, especially in places like bedrooms where the use is less.

But if your carpet is at the higher end of the scale or even older, it is officially senior and may be ripe for replacement.  It is likely to have some or all of the above problems or maybe you get comments that people had a carpet like that when they were a kid – and they are in their thirties!  Whatever the case, Christmas is the perfect motivation to make a change.