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When the new year started it was easy to feel the need for change, especially with it being the start of a new decade as well.  That feeling of change can be powerful when looking at your home life but with all the time spent at work your office flooring can feel the need for change as well.  But with a few careful tips you can look after your office flooring, keeping it pristine longer and getting so much use out of it.

A worn-down flooring in your work environment can have a surprisingly negative effect on your work productivity.  Whether you have a small team or a large office space when your employees arrive to work in the morning you want them to walk with pride through your space, to feel official and ready to tackle anything.  It’s a recurring first impression that will get them started each day either on the right foot and optimistic or they will see the bare patches, the stains and damage on the flooring and think what’s the point with cynicism.

What should be considered?

The Level of traffic is an important consideration to remember for your flooring in your office space.  This of course depends on the type of business you have but you should take the amount of time people will walk over it into account and put in more time to maintain it.  The busier the area, the shorter the intervals between cleanups is a good way to think about it.   The shorter the dirt is there the less damage is done over the long term, so you’ll have to work out a schedule with either a external company or and internal team.

A small fibre carpet can be a risk in any environment, but you’ll have to deal with the unavoidable eventuality of water spills becoming an issue especially those spills becoming stains.  Vinyl can be hard wearing but it can also be damaged easily with very common foot traffic creating tears and splits that will grow over time, therefore requiring more detailed maintenance.

Ease of Maintenance is another consideration for your flooring.  This can become hand in hand with the level of traffic, a room designed for customers will need to be cleaned quickly and safely and if it’s in the public eye ideally avoid any long-term marks and stains leaving a legacy of disaster.  So, when it is damaged how is it going to be cleaned? Do you have in-house cleaner or will you need a team? Any additional equipment? It can be quite different to a spill at home.

Initially carpets are quite high maintenance, you need special equipment to keep them pristine but for a more careful environment like a back office it can be quite comforting to have a carpet underfoot. But the carpet must be fitted nice and tight to avoid any issues creating trip hazards in the workplace.

Budget Considerations are an important technicality as well.  On an office budget it can be easy to lean toward the cheaper option and save but this is a case where you should invest to save rather than skimp in the future.  It may seem the best choice is to force volunteers to use home equipment in the workplace and handle it all themselves but depending on the enthusiasm of your team that may lead to negative results.  Investing in professionals to clean your flooring regularly will do wonders for getting your moneys worth out of it and may lead to you postponing getting a new floor until the next decade.