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Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for any room in your home, it has become fairly common to find this type of flooring in rooms with high activity like the Bathroom and Kitchen.

Having vinyl flooring in these rooms can make it look fantastic even in a busy home but with so much going on in kitchens and bathrooms how can you keep your flooring looking as great as it did on that first day?  Here are Top tips for maintaining your vinyl flooring and keeping it at its best long term.

Vinyl flooring has many benefits with its very customisable look, a fraction of the cost of other flooring types and its hassle-free upkeep.

Preventative measures for your Vinyl

Your vinyl is the most at risk just after its just been put in place, as you put all your furniture back in the room there is potential that you could damage your vinyl moving these heavy items around it.  The solution is to add felt pads to the bottom of your furniture legs, unprotected legs have the chance to leave scratches on the vinyl, its better to add the felt and letting the legs smoothly pass over it as it moves. Even trimming your pet’s nails is a good idea to help keep your vinyl looking great.

Avoid any heavy rubber backed rugs in a room with a vinyl floor.  It is caused by a chemical reaction between the two when in contact for a long time, so the dark rubber can stain the vinyl image leaving a dark shadow behind if the rug were ever moved. Taking off your shoes in those rooms, or wearing slippers instead also helps.  Or you could even have a door matt at the front door for people to wipe their feet before entry, but certain shoe soles can still leave an impression

Effective Vinyl Cleaning

Clean up stains as soon as you can! Vinyl flooring is not absorbent so any spilled liquids will sit on the surface in puddles, if left too long this will damage the floor or stain it.  Spills should be cleaned up immediately and the area cleaned with a damp cloth to prevent any staining, but never use a scouring pad or other abrasive scrubber on your vinyl floor, it will damage the vinyl and be unrepairable afterwards.

Use a non-rinsing cleaner that leaves no film, most products labelled as vinyl cleaners are suitable.  If you don’t have this warm water and soap can be enough for the job but bicarbonate of soda can help with the really tough stains.  Don’t forget to check if your cleaner is child and pet safe for any little ones in your home.

Vinyl Flooring North Shields

You don’t have to only clean your vinyl when there’s an accident either.  You can give it a wipe once a week with a cleaner to keep the whole vinyl looking beautiful.  Regularly sweeping up with a soft brush or gently vacuum beforehand will also help

With a few simple measures your vinyl will be kept looking amazing long term, and if anything accidental happens address it immediately to prevent staining.