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Due to the fame of a certain furniture store, most of us have some familiarity with the concept of Scandinavian interiors.  Those sleek, simple looks combining practical furniture with splashes of colour have become popular across the world.  So, what are the best transformative Scandinavian interior tips to help your home make the change?

Scandi Open Plan Living

If a word was used to describe Scandinavian style, it would probably be ‘uncluttered’ and one of the reasons for this is that the style embraces open plan living.  This means spaces such as the kitchen, living room and dining room will flow straight from one to another to create larger, open spaces.

This will also mean the same flooring may be used in all of the space, so it needs to be functional for kitchens as well as living areas.

Keep the Colours Simple

White walls, soft neutrals, or shades of grey often feature heavily in these rooms but that doesn’t mean you can’t use colour.  Using colour or patterns to accent and bring the room together is an important part of the style. From coloured throws and pillows to a wallpapered wall, there are plenty of ideas about how to use colour in the scheme while keeping it simple and clean looking.

Functional Furniture

It could be said that all furniture serves a function but with Scandinavian style, this is taken one set further.  The idea is to only use furniture that is needed and functional while looking smart and fitting in with the room.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have side tables, bean bags on the floor or that ornate rocking chair you love.  Just focus on other pieces that are wholly functional and serve a clear purpose.

Get the Right Flooring

In the UK, carpet is still a popular flooring option but in Scandinavian homes, it is less commonly seen.  Instead, wooden floors using pale coloured woods like pine or birch are popular.  Painting floorboards is also another option. Then there’s the key accent – rugs.  These stop the floor spaces being too harsh or plain and add colour and texture to the room.  Getting the right rug is a key part of bringing the room together.

Getting Light In

Another thing you often don’t see in Scandi homes are curtains.  The idea is to get the most possible light into every room from natural sources and using blinds that can be lifted out of the way as window dressing. That’s not to say lights aren’t used – they are crucial for those long dark nights.  From pendant lights to standing lamps, spotlights to table lights, all different styles are used to add to the light in a room.

Use Natural Touches

Finally, trying to use natural touches where possible is a core idea.  From wicker and wood furniture to wool rugs or natural flooring materials, there are plenty of ways to do this.  Stone flooring and countertops can be paired with standing houseplants and more to get the right balance of cool and functional with natural and real.