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The weather outside is starting to turn a little grey and drab, so what better reason than to bring a touch of tropical to the inside of your home? Not sure how to start when it comes to creating a tropical paradise? Well, here are some of the best ways to add tropical touches to your home.

Pick bold colours

One thing that definitely speaks volumes when it comes to creating a tropical theme in your home, is the colours that you choose. You may think that you are limited to greens when it comes to this particular colour scheme, but the truth is that lots of different colours can be tropical. Pinks, blues and even browns and whites will all work together in order to create the end result that you are hoping for.

Prints and patterns are a must

No tropical themed home would be complete without adding some prints and patterns to it. In the most part, a tropical scheme is going to require some foliage themed prints, but there are so many different styles out there that you are sure to find exactly the type of print that you like.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

The great thing about tropical trends is that they are mainly about bringing a range of colours together. Rather than having to stick to one set colour, you can actually bring two or three together to create a co-ordinated yet dramatic look. We really love the idea of using yellow and green together as both of these colours are going to wake up any home.

Remember your flooring

It is all too easy to forget your flooring when it comes to a tropical theme in your home. However, your flooring choices are just as important as any other part of your home. Depending on the room that you are decorating, you are likely to have hardwood floors, which whilst they work really well with the theme, they can look a little bare. Why not dress them up a little by adding a brightly coloured rug (which will work well with the rest of the colours you have) or perhaps a printed rug that has a bold pattern?

Neutrals can work too

Not sure whether all these colours are going to work for you? Well, the great news about decorating your home is that it is just that, your home. If there is a style that you like the sound of, but you want to take a more muted approach to it, then you can. Pick out a few key pieces in your room and let them speak out for the rest of the space. Keep the flooring and walls neutral and use your accessories to add the colour. That way, if you want to change things up, then it is easy to do.

Make sure that your home is in the carnival spirit with these amazing tropical themed ideas that any home would look great with!