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Deciding to change your office carpets can be a big decision, choosing the right flooring for your commercial space is as important as deciding your carpet for your personal home but much harder to browse for.  Initially when you start looking at new carpets (commercial or otherwise) it is easy to get obsessed with just the pattern or the colours but you need to look deeper into your choices and consider the several other factors required for a carpet in a commercial space.

Here’s a few types of commercial carpets are out there for your office space?

Broadloom Commercial Carpets

A Broadloom Carpet is a wall-to-wall carpet.  This is a classic option when carpeting a floor, arriving in large rolls or cut to size to fit the room.  These can be chosen in a huge range of colours and textures, but they can lead to excess waste with the extra pieces from the rolls going to waste.

Carpet Tiles for Commercial Spaces

That is why Carpet tiles are becoming more popular as a way of carpeting your office.  Being much easier to install than the Broadloom carpets, their choice of squares and rectangles allow for a more modular layout to accommodate any office space plus a more adaptable design for your commercial carpet.  Hard-backed carpet tiles are the cheaper option, on this carpet tile the fibres of subjected to all the wear and tear the carpet suffers over time so they can wear out faster depending on the room you install them in.  Cushion-backed carpet tiles are designed slightly differently but they are designed to directly absorb the impact of foot traffic, or furniture upon them so they can withstand a lot of punishment, bouncing back and protecting the visible carpet fibres on the surface.

Matting for Entryways

Entryway matts are something to consider for the entrances of your commercial space.  Examples you’ll have seen are in your local retail store, the rain matt placed to prevent slipping is a good example, but you can choose to get one for any office entrance too.  These are designed to protect your larger carpet underneath, being easily replaced when damaged, it’s a far better choice than letting your main carpet get ruined.

Commercial Carpets North Shields

So, once you’ve chosen the type and material of your carpet you can start looking at aesthetics you were ignoring initially.  A Solution-dyed carpet means that the fibres are dyed before they are put into the carpet, it’s a very popular and you’ll find it readily available in many inventories, but a custom job will take longer.

A Yarn Dyed carpet is the process of colouring a carpet made of white yarns, usually a single colour is added to each of those white fibres.  This is a cheaper option for a simpler design but can be very well received for those internal office environments.

A Printed Carpet is also known as digital dye injection, in this case the dye is injected after the carpets made instead.  With this more advanced style of carpet you can create very detailed imagery or colour designs, this is a good choice when promoting your brand with your flooring also.

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