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If you are looking at getting new flooring for your home then you should consider how much that area of your home is going to be walked upon, if it is going to be walked upon lots, this is a high traffic area (like the hallway) and so needs hardwearing flooring, if it does not get used lots, (for example the spare bedroom) then this is low traffic area and the flooring does not need to be so hardy.

Areas of high traffic require flooring which doesn’t just look good but is able to endure heavy footfall without becoming worn-out. There are lots of different choices to consider; we take a look at the various options and consider which one will last the best.

Family Areas are High Traffic

Certain areas in the home may be much higher traffic than others, but compared to commercial or business locations, will still be relatively low. As well as the overall wear, comfort will be important as well as the design, appearance and ease of cleaning.

Some of the highest traffic areas within the home are likely to be the living room and the hallway with family members and visitors passing through. It’s possible to purchase carpets designed for heavy use; these are more appropriate for these parts of the home. The benefit of opting for carpet is that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort in return for longevity, allowing your home to remain relaxing and inviting yet practical as well.

If you have young children, opting for laminate may be a better choice because you can enjoy the toughness this brings with the added benefit of the flooring being much more practical for cleaning up spills and accidents.

Office Options

An office will have a much higher footfall than the typical family home, so the potential wear and tear on the flooring is likely to be very much greater. However, while choosing durable flooring is important, appearance is also key as the business will want to appear to be professional. Arguably a hard concrete floor would be extremely long-lasting but the working environment wouldn’t be particularly pleasant for staff, and the impression for visitors and customers would be equally poor.

It’s therefore essential to balance up the need for long-lasting flooring with an appearance appropriate for a business. In areas such as the lobby and meeting rooms, a stain resistant carpet which is designed for high traffic can be a good choice. You could opt to use this for the whole of your office area, or alternatively use vinyl for service areas such as the kitchen, drinks machine or photocopier.

Vinyl is very long-lasting when properly laid, and being so easy to clean, it’s the perfect choice for areas which could become grubbier or are likelier to have more spillages.

In high traffic areas, a deep pile carpet might look inviting, but will quickly become worn down and tired-looking. It’s therefore vital to choose flooring which is specifically designed for areas which will have a much greater footfall. This doesn’t mean sacrificing good looks as there’s now carpet, vinyl and laminate which look simply stunning.