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There’s no shortage of styles of flooring you can choose from.  With all the styles of carpet, the type of laminate and hardwood flooring as well as things like stone added to the floor, it can seem baffling to get the right option.

Then you hear someone mention LVT flooring and there’s another option.  But what is LT flooring and why might it cut through all the noise to be the perfect flooring for you?

Meet LVT flooring

Let’s first take a moment to meet LVT flooring or luxury vinyl tiles flooring.  This is a clever new flooring option which takes a printed decor and sandwiches it between a number of layers of vinyl. This creates flooring that has a tough and durable top layer that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.  Under this is a patterned or coloured layer that brings the look to the room that you want.

Plus, with being tiles, they are easier to handle that stretches of carpet or length of laminate flooring.  This means while a professional floor laying service is always best, if you are a competent DIY fan, you may be able to lay them yourself.

What makes LVT flooring so tough?

One of the big draws of LVT flooring is that it is so tough and durable but how does this work?

Majority of these types of tiles have at least five layers.  This means they are relatively thin and have good flexibility but are also durable.  That tough outer layer mentioned earlier also makes them waterproof and has a scratch-resistant coating on them.

That tough layer is also clear so you can see the patterned layer beneath.  This means you can have the look of soft grey wood, antique oak, stone and more, all with the benefits that these tiles bring. Other layers inside the tiles can include fibreglass, moisture-resistant layers and also impact resistant core layers.  These all bring strength and handle different problems to make the tiles as tough as they come.

How is LVT installed?

There are three main ways that LVT flooring can be installed – glue down, click and loose lay.  Each has its own advantages:

  • Glue down – traditional technique with a strong adhesive suitable for the job where you glue the tiles to the floor
  • Click vinyl – often said to be the easiest method, especially for DIY fans, the tiles click into each other to stay in place
  • Loose lay – idea for adding over existing flooring, there’s no adhesive needed, and friction keeps them in place

Is LVT flooring right for you?

When you find a new type of flooring, it is always the case that you wonder if it is right for you.  With LVT flooring, there are so many benefits that there is something for everyone.  From it being pet friendly to being easy to install, long lasting to low maintenance, LVT flooring has a place in any home.  It can even work in those excess water rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

For more advice on buying and fitting LVT flooring talk to the team at Adamms Carpets in North Shields.